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Basic Event Information

LANified! 21: Summoner's Stand (Forums >>)

Start Sat, July 4th, 2015 @ 3:00 pm
End Sun, July 5th, 2015 @ 11:00 pm
Attendance Signed-Up: 28 / 50
Pre-Paid: 10 (2 Staff)
Location Lakeview Community Center
Status Closed, Seats Availiable

Event Details

LANified! 21: Summoner's Stand, runs from 10am Saturday July 4th 2015 till 6pm Sunday July 5th 2015



LANified! 21: Summoner's Stand is a two day LAN party, featuring a League of Legends main tournament, additional mini-tournaments, and lots of other gamers to have a blast with! The League of Legends main tournament has a cash prize pool of up to $700 plus the "Best in Calgary" award for the team that places first.

But what is this LAN party about? Why should I attend?

LAN parties are where we all get together with our computers, form a network, and play ludicrous amounts of games! At our LAN parties we also feature main and mini-tournaments, in addition to the social gaming that organically flourishes. LAN parties offer a friendly, social atmosphere where you can find other gamers to play with, make friends and generally have an awesome experience! We are all here to have a great time, so it is really easy to get caught up in the fun.

So I want to attend, what do I need to know?

If you plan to attend our event we recommend you sign up and prepay. First you login to your account (registration is free), and on this page hit the sign-up button. Then after you have signed up, come back to this page and hit prepay (in the same spot). There are advantages to prepaying, such as your seat being guaranteed when the event sells out and entrance into the prepay-only raffle!

Once the event rolls around we recommend you consider the following things to bring and not to bring:

What to bring:
  • Yourself
  • Your Computer
  • Power bar (Must have a working ground pin)
  • Mouse Pad, Mouse, Keyboard, and any other controllers you might want to use
  • Food or money for food
  • Headphones (no speakers)
  • Games (do not forget to bring cd-keys as well as original disks in case you need to re-install)
  • Sleeping supplies (pillows, blankets/sleeping bags, toothbrush, DEODORANT, etc)
  • Picture ID which shows age (required for check-in at the event)
  • Parent/Legal Guardian to sign waiver if you are not of legal age ( https://www.lanified.com/downloads/LANi ... 4_2015.pdf )

What not to bring:
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Bad Attitude
  • Fridges & Coolers
  • Animals
  • Network cables (we provide them)

What is provided:
  • Table space
  • Network cable
  • Power outlet (for one computer)
  • Chair (you are welcome to bring your own)
  • Internet access

I want to play games other than the tournament games, am I still welcome? What games will people be playing?

You certainly are! We all love playing games of all shapes and sizes, and part of what makes LAN parties exciting is discovering awesome games new or old! You may even get caught up in games you've never even heard of before too! Also, the section "Game Preference" on this page (it's just below Tournaments) shows the games people want to play. This list is populated as people sign-up, where we ask them 3 games they want to play and then add what they enter to the results list. The list grows as more people sign-up and can be used to help find other gamers!

I am new to competitive gaming, can I still enter the tournaments?

Everyone starts somewhere and we want to foster more people getting into competition. Tournaments and competition are a blast, even if you don't necessarily take first place! It's really easy to get into, and you may even build rivalries along the way! We design our tournaments to make it worthwhile for players of all skill levels to enter, so by all means, join up!

When do the tournaments happen and what is the prizing?

Tournament/Event schedule:
  • 10am Saturday - Event opens to the public
  • 1pm Saturday - League of Legends tournament registration opens
  • 2pm Saturday - League of Legends tournament registration closes, Stage 1 of the tournament begins
  • Later Saturday (after League of Legends tournament) - Mini-tournaments start
  • Noon Sunday - League of Legends tournament Stage 2 begins
  • 6pm Sunday - Event closes to the public (event will stay open later if tournament goes beyond 6pm)

Tournament prizing:
League of Legends: 5v5 - Round-Robin+SE - 2 Stage
  • Guaranteed minimum - 1st place - $200 + "Best in Calgary" award
  • 30 Prepays - $700 pool - 1st place - $400 + "Best in Calgary" award / 2nd place - $200 / 3rd place - $100

Mini-tournament prizing:
Leageu of Legends - ARAM
  • Surprise!

Is there a good way to find or chat with people at the event?

If you see other people playing something that you think is interesting, then just ask them about it! A big part of our LAN parties is the social atmosphere, "Sharing is Caring" as we say! Additionally you can join us on IRC Chat on the networks page ( https://www.lanified.com/networks - be sure to type a nickname). To change your nickname in the chat type /nick newnickname . Or if you're IRC savvy, you can jump on gamesurge and then /join #LANified! (exclamation point included).

What have people said about LANified! events?

If you want to read feedback or give some, just head to our feedback section of the forums ( https://www.lanified.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=20 ). We appreciate honest feedback, especially areas you didn't like or want to see us improve!

Are there rules?

There are rules for each tournament, if you plan to enter a tournament you must review them. As for general event rules, they are:
  • All participants of the computer LAN will be allocated one "unit" of space, which is approximately 1m width of table space extending to the front & back of the table. While there's room for leeway, you will be asked to organize your space if seating is tight.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot. You cannot smoke indoors, outside the entrance, or on the grass or walkway up to the entrance.
  • People are allowed to come and go as they see fit. However, property cannot leave the hall between the hours of midnight (0000hrs) and 8am (0800hrs). Your property (more specifically whatever bags/equipment/supplies you bring) will be barred exit during these hours. This is to ensure that theft does not occur.
  • Headphones are required, considering this please be respectful of others regarding sound. You must also be cautious of noise outdoors after 10pm. If you are rowdy you will be asked to leave at our discretion.
  • Do not modify or mess with any LANified! equipment whatsoever. If you are curious about our equipment and layout, or anything, feel free to ask us about it.

Pricing Information

Signing up for the event is free. Spectating is free.

Computer LAN entrance + Tournament entrance:
  • $45 Early-Bird Prepay until June 7th 6pm (1800hrs)
  • $55 Prepay until June 28th end of day, prepay closes after this
  • $70 At the door

Those who prepay will be entered into our prepay-exclusive raffle! The raffle features an awesome Wireless Router from TRENDnet (TEW-812DRU)!

All entrance sales are final.
League of Legends (Game Details...) (Tournament Details...)
  • Format: League of Legends - 2 Stage - Round-Robin/Single Elimination - 5v5 (Details...)
  • Mode: Guaranteed Tournament
  • Arena Information: Details...
  • 3 pledges for this tournament.

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Arena List for Tournament:

  1. see rules
League of Legends (Game Details...) (Tournament Details...)
  • Format: League of Legends - Format and Ruleset TBA - Mini-Tournament (Details...)
  • Mode: Guaranteed Tournament
  • Arena Information: Details...
  • 3 pledges for this tournament.

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Arena List for Tournament:

  1. see rules
Game Preference
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