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Basic Event Information

LANified! 29: One-Tap (Forums >>)

Start Sat, July 14th, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
End Sun, July 15th, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Attendance Signed-Up: 8 / 80
Pre-Paid: 2 (1 Staff)
Location Clarion Hotel & Conference Centre
Status Closed, Seats Availiable

Event Details

LANified! 29: One-Tap is an exciting 2 day, BYOC LAN party social gaming event. It will run, non-stop, from Noon (12pm) Saturday July 14th 2018 to 7pm Sunday July 15th 2018. Featuring loads of social and competitive gaming, including CS:GO and on-site LAN game and voice servers.


LANified! 29: One-Tap is an exciting Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) social gaming event, commonly referred to as a LAN party, with a capacity of 80 gamers. At our LAN parties you will meet many other gamers who enjoy all kinds of gaming, just like you. Whether it's entering our professional-grade tournaments, just kicking back and gaming on our LAN servers, or whatever kind of gaming tickles your fancy, it's gaming all weekend... together!




Why should I attend?
There are many reasons to attend, but here are some big ones:
  • You will meet lots of people who share your interests, and make friends
  • You will see all kinds of games, probably ones you haven't heard of
  • Our tournaments are a lot of fun, for everyone from beginners to pros
  • Everyone around you will be gaming, including staff
  • Everyone counts, and we need you to make it happen
  • You will not find these experiences elsewhere

What are the details for the Main Tournament?
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
  • Guaranteed - $500 Pool - 1st Place:$500 CASH
  • 60 Prepays - $1,000 Pool - 1st Place:$750 CASH/2nd Place:$250 CASH

Where can I get help finding/forming a team?

What are the details for the mini-tournaments?
Details are pending, check back later!

Will you be running non-tournament servers too?
We will be providing multiple on-site servers for non-tournament activites:
  • Mumble : There will be an on-site mumble server that everyone at the LAN can use (for tournaments or not)
  • More to come!

Will you be broadcasting the event?
We are not yet sure, but we may.

Event Schedule:
Saturday - Day 1:
  • 12pm (noon) -> Event opens to the public, tournament registration is open
  • 2pm -> Opening announcements & Tournament Stage 1 starts
  • 12am (midnight) -> Lock-down rules in effect, until 8am (spectators must leave, equipment cannot leave)
  • Event/gaming continues over night
Sunday - Day 2:
  • 8am -> Spectators can get in for the day
  • 11am -> Tournament Stage 2 starts
  • 7pm -> Event closes to the public

I want to go! What should I do?
  • First Login -> Log into the website (accounts are site-wide and re-usable for multiple events)
  • Second Sign Up -> Click on the orange "Sign up now!" button at the top of this page
  • Third Prepay -> Click on the "Prepay now" button in the same spot (we accept Paypal)
  • Tell Others! We always need help getting the word out about our events!

Clarion Hotel:
The lovely folks over at the Clarion Hotel are giving YOU lovely gamers super sweet deals on room reservation during the LAN party! To take advantage of this, just click here!

I have some questions

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Pricing Information

LAN ticket pricing:
  • $53 - GOLDEN TICKET Prepay - until Thursday May 24th 8pm MST, then price increases
  • $68 - Early-Bird-Special Prepay - until Sunday June 17th 8pm MST, then price increases
  • $78 - Regular Prepay - until Prepay closes Tuesday July 3rd 8pm MST
  • $90 - At the door

Spectator ticket pricing:
  • $5 - Single day

Additional Info:
  • Signing up is free, prepaying your ticket is a second step after that
  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)
  • LAN tickets include entrance into the computer gaming tournaments
  • Ticket prepayment is done through PayPal
  • Ticket prepayments are processed immediately, if you are not marked as prepaid after prepaying then please contact us
  • Tickets bought at the door must be paid for in Cash only
  • Spectators are only allowed during specific hours. For details see our FAQ : viewtopic.php?f=28&t=84268&p=255051
  • All entrance sales are final
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