LANified! 10: The Low Down

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LANified! 10: The Low Down

Postby BloodyIron » Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:31 am

We would like to hear back from you about our event LANified! 10: Additional Pylons. We suggest you use this form, but feel free to write what you want.

How did you hear about us?
- Word on the street

What you liked:
- Blah
- Some other Blah

What you didn't like:
- The baddest Blah
- The first Blah doesn't compare to this Blah

Other thoughts:
- Not enough Blahs
- Too many Blahs in the kitchen
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Re: LANified! 10: The Low Down

Postby Rufo » Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:53 pm

I'd already known about Lan from the last Lan but originally heard about it from Bio

I liked all of it. it was cool to meet the new casters and the Americans as well the atmosphere was great as was the turnout. Generally speakings peoples attitudes even in the tourneys were pretty nice. Prizing was quite high and im glad to see the word getting out there and a lot of new faces this time as well as many of the old.

Not much negative to say on the event as a whole. Im a little disappointed that i didnt win any money but thats MY problem right? lol
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Re: LANified! 10: The Low Down

Postby Carl » Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:07 am

How did you hear about us?
The one and only bloodyiron

What you liked:
Tournaments / Casting - amazing level of production, was very cool to watch and even try a guest cast.
The setup (network/power/etc) - Its very rare to have a lan with zero outages, great job on that.
Prizes - The trendnet stuff was neat, and the cash prizes were fantastic in proportion to the size of your lan.
The community - everyone there was friendly and a lot of fun to play games with. I'm really hoping I can make it to the next one!

What you didn't like:
Mostly things out of your control.
- The venue - I disliked being in two separate rooms, it detracted from the general obnoxious atmosphere that I enjoy so much at lans.
- Tournament length - I feel like lans need to be a good balance between tournament and open play. The SC2 and TF2 went on much longer than anticipated, and I did nothing but these two tournaments on the first day. Fortunately HoN went quick and I still had fun playing pudge wars and sc2 customs with everyone the second day, but I would try and shorten the tournament length, or perhaps schedule in breaks and allow more time between them.

I understand why these things happened, and they are both incredibly minor. I still had a blast.

Other thoughts:
Please go over your tournament format beforehand - SC2 had no tiebreaker for group stages, and the map list was dreadfully outdated.
Please be considerate to your guests from the south and don't let it snow the day before your lan.
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Re: LANified! 10: The Low Down

Postby Gats » Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:56 pm

How did you hear about the LAN

Bloody Iron =)

What did you like?

What was not to like, the atmosphere was great people were all very friendly and it was a ton of fucking fun. Literally the best LAN I have ever been part of. I enjoyed meeting a lot of the people I usally only see online (thanks so much for the compliments on the casting Jankem and I had a lot of fun casting the Sc2 tourney! The venue was pretty decent no outtages and the net connection was blistering fast!

What didnt you like?

I also think that the LAN being seperated by two rooms kind of took a bit away from the atmosphere but it was what it was. The only other thing I didn't like was that I was sick as hell on sunday and for the last few hours of the LAN I couldnt play any games due to a crippling headache, but that has nothing to do with the organiziation. Oh wait there is one more thing. I think the format for the sc2 tourney was changed at the last second, and the map pool at first was a bit silly (having slag pits, and basically no non-ladder maps allowed) I think maybe if the format and map pool's were posted earlier for feedback people could have had a say, and changes could have been made and published before the date of the actual event. but all in all the tourney was run very well!

It was greet meeting all you guys and I look forward to the next LAN!
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Re: LANified! 10: The Low Down

Postby StockiestPillow » Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:40 am

How I heard about LANified:

- I don't remember, I think tuvok convinced me to come. It's been a while.

What I liked:

+The Chairs, sweet jibblets the chairs. They were so much better than any LANified I'd been to previously. You should make chairs that good mandatory or something.
+The attitude of everyone at the LAN was very jovial and friendly. There was no drama or any crap goin' on, just friendly gaming, asskickery and if you asked somewhat what they were doing, or playing, they'd tell you and maybe ask you to join. Doubleplusgood.
+The tournaments and contests were a lot of fun and it was fiercely competitive and friendly. Good prizes too.
+Fantastic livestream, the commentary was superb. Loved listening to it.

What I disliked:

-The cooling in the room I was in was crap, just gotta get that out there. You could be standing next to the door and you'd be nice and cool, but the second you were an inch away and walking towards, bam, wall of pure heat. It was nearly unbearable. I know you guys couldn't do anything about it, but it was awful.
-There was no concession. Admittedly, SAIT was a perfect distance to just about every kind of food around. Delicious, delicious food. But I liked that concession.
-There still isn't any really good way to get games going with a bunch of people without shouting at everyone, and that doesn't work all that great. Not many folks were on LANified IRC either, so that contributed a tad. It kept kicking me off as well.
- Seriously, it was way too goddamn hot in that room.
- There was a LOT of dead air on the stream.

Other thoughts:

I really thought this LANified was better than the others I've attended. I liked watching the games and the livestream. Even with the unbearable heat, everything about it was fantastic. Props for having it in such a nice location as well.
Next time, though, I'd prefer a single big room for LANified and some cooling or windows.
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Re: LANified! 10: The Low Down

Postby Dolphin » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:01 pm

How did you hear about us?
- Saw a poster at U of C

What you liked:
-Tournaments were on time
-Atmosphere was nice
- Friendly staff
- Chaaaaaairs

What you didn't like:
- Holy shit was it ever hot in that room. I drank 4 liters of water in a single day.
- Miss the old concession dude
- Thought maybe two separate rooms loses a bit of that special lanified! trademark secret smell
- I'm cheap and I hate paying for parking
Other thoughts:

Probably the best turnout i've seen, even though nobody played HoN :( Maybe Dota2 :D? RUS RUS :))))))))))))))))
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Re: LANified! 10: The Low Down

Postby graffias » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:06 pm

Heard About

-The venue was nice overall. There was a fair amount of space and the chairs were pretty comfy.
-The tournaments were really fun. There was a nice level of participation in them.
-The casting of the tournaments was entertaining. The projector for the stream was a really cool idea. I liked that a lot of different people were casted as well.
-The prizing for the tournaments was really good.

Didn't Like
-It was way too hot in the room I was in.
-The tournaments took a little bit too much time.
-There was a quite a bit of time between matches on the stream sometimes.
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Re: LANified! 10: The Low Down

Postby Zooplankton » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:11 pm

How did you hear about us?
- From Dolphin, after spectating for the past two events

What you liked:
- The chairs, they were comfortable to be sitting in for many many hours
- watching the live stream, it was pretty funny
- really accessible to food places
- that there was an actual bathroom, instead of a closet space.
- there was enough room to put out my air mattress

What you didn't like:
- The hot, sweaty room. It was so hot and gross, felt like being in an oven. I know you can't do anything about that but yea.
- I miss the one, big room with lots of windows. Sitting in rows like that can feel kind of isolated sometimes, and hot..when other computer fans are blowing out the hot air onto the back of your head
- that it was so dark in the rooms that i felt like it was night the whole time, haha that's just me though.

Other thoughts:
- overall i had fun, i really like the event
- oh, and i love that you saved my jacket. thanks.
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Re: LANified! 10: The Low Down

Postby Lobber » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:54 pm

ow did you hear about us?
Other Calgary players.

What you liked:
I won, entertaining atmosphere, good peoples

What you didn't like:
HoN tournament getting so much more money and NOOOOOOoone played in it.... seemed like for HoN and TF2 there were almost no serious comptators...

Other thoughts:
Fragtale op at osu
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Re: LANified! 10: The Low Down

Postby Fragtale » Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:17 pm

How did you hear about us?
- Friend

What you liked:
- Gosu chair, sleep good.
- Cool people
- Win money

What you didn't like:
- Protoss
- Room very hot
- HoN nobody play
- Arbys

Other thoughts:
- make Osu tournament keke
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