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LANified! 20: DotA 2: looking for teams/players?

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 12:22 pm
by BloodyIron
Are you a team or individual looking to figure out your 5 for DotA 2?

Post in this thread! Help us help you, help you, help us help something or other. You know you want to, DotA 2 is fun, and having a coordinated team to play it with is super sweet. There are so many people that want to play DotA 2, all we need to do is bring us all together.

Post already! We suggest the following template (but you can post whatever too).

Handle: BloodyIron
STEAM profile url:
What kind of cheese you like: Smoked Gouda
Role(s) you prefer: Support because reasons
Have microphone: y/n (Yes of course)
Seeking # of players: 9001 (if you are a partial team)