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LANified! 27: Tournament Rules & Formats

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:48 pm
by BloodyIron
DotA 2 specific rules:
  • All matches will use Captain's Mode
  • All matches will use the Tournament version of the game
  • All matches will be played on LAN lobbies, created by one of the two Captains
  • Each match will have a coin-flip (or equivalent) performed by a LANified! Tournament Administrator. The winner of this coin-flip will get side pick. In a bo3/bo5 series, sides will alternate as the series progresses.
  • If a disconnect occurs the game must be paused. The game is not to be unpaused until all players have reconnected.
  • Pauses will be limited to 5 minutes maximum. If a team cannot participate past the 5 minute mark, they will forfeit the game. Excessive pauses (abuse) may result in a team forfeiting a match series, or the tournament, at the discretion of LANified! Tournament Administration.
  • If massive catastrophic failure occurs, a Tournament Administrator may restart the game.
  • Third-party software relevant to the game is not allowed, this includes utility software.
  • STEAM player names & Accounts must match the name used for tournament registration

  • Break lengths are meant to keep the tournament running smoothly, PLEASE do not go over break limits. The less breaks you can take, the smoother the tournament will run.
  • Please save your breaks for between MATCHES and not INDIVIDUAL GAMES IN A SERIES (such as bo3/bo5 series). If you absolutely must take a break during a series, be sure to inform LANified! Tournament Administration.
  • Captains are required to inform LANified! Tournament Administration that they are taking a break, and how long the break will be.
  • If your team is found to be grossly late, your team may face disqualification from the tournament, or face match forfeiture, at the discretion of LANified! Tournament Administration.
  • Maximum length of breaks between matches will differ between stages of the tournament.
  • Stage 1 - Max Break Length 15 Minutes
  • Stage 2 - Max Break Length 30 Minutes

General rules:
  • All matches will be 5v5. Teams are not allowed to play with an incomplete roster, even if the missing player(s) is/are on a break.
  • MATCHES consist of GAMES, depending on which MATCH format is used. Eg. bo1 (best-of-1) consists of ONE GAME PER MATCH, bo3 (best-of-3) consists of UP TO THREE GAMES PER MATCH.
  • Teams will consist of 5 players, no ringers, no bots, no coaches, no roster changes, no exceptions
  • All teams must declare only one Captain, who will represent and co-ordinate the team with LANified! Tournament Administration & others
  • Only team captains can report results. Both team captains must report match results.
  • Any match at any time during the tournament may be selected for broadcast. If your match is selected for broadcast, this may involve coordination with LANified! NETworks Production staff. Please comply with their instructions to ensure broadcasting and spectating operates smoothly.
  • Teams considered to be a poor sport, at the discretion of LANified! Tournament Administration, will be warned once. If they continue to be poor sports, their entire team will be disqualified from the tournament without refund.
  • Cheating in a tournament will result in immediate expulsion of the entire team from the event without refund. DO NOT CHEAT, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Re: LANified! 27: Tournament Rules & Formats

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:48 pm
by BloodyIron
The Main Tournament for DotA 2 will be broken down into 2 stages. Stage 1 will occur on Saturday, and Stage 2 will occur on Sunday. Stage 2 will also feature 2 Tiers.


Saturday - Stage 1 - Placement
  • All teams will enter into a single Round Robin bracket. If 14 or more teams are registered, this will be broken (in half) into two Round Robin brackets.
  • The Round Robin bracket(s) will execute until all teams in their bracket have faced all possible opponents once.
  • Matches will be Bo1 (Best-Of-1)
  • The top 4 teams, based on bracket performance, will proceed to Stage 2 - Tier 1. If there are multiple Round Robin brackets, the top 2 teams from each Round Robin bracket will proceed to Stage 2 - Tier 1.
  • The remaining teams will proceed to Stage 2 - Tier 2

Sunday - Stage 2
Tier 1:
  • Teams in this Stage and Tier will enter into a Single-Elimination bracket. This bracket will constitute final ranking.
  • Semi-Final Matches will be Bo3
  • Final Matches will be Bo5

Tier 2:
  • Teams in this Stage and Tier will enter into a Single-Elimination bracket.
  • Final Matches will be Bo3
  • All other Matches will be Bo1

Bracket definitions: