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LANified! LANparties FAQ

Postby BloodyIron » Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:12 pm

These are the Frequently Asked Questions for our LAN party events. We recommend you review them at some point.

What should I bring?
  • Yourself
  • Your friends
  • Your Computer Case, Monitor & Related Cables
  • Power bar (Must have a working ground pin)
  • Mouse Pad, Mouse, Keyboard, and any other controllers you might want to use
  • Money for food and drink
  • Headphones (no speakers)
  • Games (and anything you may need to re-install games)
  • OPTIONAL Sleeping supplies (pillows, blankets/sleeping bags, toothbrush, DEODORANT, etc), the Clarion Hotel & Conference Centre has on-site rooms for your convenience!
  • Picture ID which shows age (required for check-in at the event)
  • Parent/Legal Guardian to sign waiver if you are not of legal age (Waiver document link is found on the details page for the specific event you want to attend)

What should I NOT bring?
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Bad Attitude
  • Fridges & Coolers
  • Animals
  • Network cables (we provide them)
  • Outside food and drink is not allowed at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Centre

What is provided?
  • Table space
  • Network cable
  • Power outlet (for one computer)
  • Chair (you are welcome to bring your own)
  • Internet access

What about sleeping arrangements?
We have exclusive, secure, all-hours access to the space for the duration of the event.
  • The Clarion Hotel & Conference Centre has on-site hotel rooms, we recommend you use them if you are able!
  • Attendees are welcome to sleep at their chair should they choose. Please be considerate of others and fire safety.
  • If space allows, you may be able to setup sleeping arrangements (cot/air mattress/sleeping bag/etc) away from their computer in our section of the building. Please be considerate of others and fire safety. We may have designated sleeping areas.
  • Attendees are welcome to sleep at home, or at a hotel, over night. We take special precautions to secure the facilities, and please familiarise yourself with our late-night equipment rules (see event rules).
  • If you want to pack up your equipment each night, please do so before late-night lockdown, please check the event rules to avoid confusion.
  • Spectators are not allowed to sleep at the event.

What are the rules?
  • All participants of the computer LAN will be allocated one "unit" of space, which is approximately 1m width of table space extending to the front & back of the table. While there's room for leeway, you will be asked to organize your space if seating is tight.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot. You cannot smoke indoors, outside the entrance, or on the grass or walkway up to the entrance.
  • People are allowed to come and go as they see fit. However, property cannot leave the hall between the hours of midnight (0000hrs) and 8am (0800hrs). Your property (more specifically whatever bags/equipment/supplies you bring) will be barred exit during these hours. This is to ensure that theft does not occur.
  • Spectators are only permitted to be present at the event between 8am (0800hrs) and midnight that same day (0000hrs). Spectators will be escorted out at midnight each day. This is to also ensure theft does not occur.
  • Spectators are not allowed to bring in backpacks or other substantial bags.
  • Headphones are required, considering this please be respectful of others regarding sound. You must also be cautious of noise outdoors after 10pm. If you are rowdy you will be asked to leave at our discretion.
  • Do not modify or mess with any LANified! equipment whatsoever. If you are curious about our equipment and layout, or anything, feel free to ask us about it.

What games are people going to play?
When people sign up for our events we ask them what games they want to play. Once they have signed up our "Game Preference" list for that event updates immediately. Each event details page shows this list under the "Game Preference" section. This list is separate from the tournaments, as there are many games to enjoy above and beyond the tournaments.

What do you mean BYOC?
BYOC means Bring Your Own Computer. LANified! does not provide computers, we are not an internet cafe, we all bring our own computers too! Bringing your own computer means you don't have to worry about customizing your setup, and you can show off your rig too!

What are LAN parties?
LAN parties are events where we all get together with our computers, form a network, and play ludicrous amounts of games! Our events perpetuate a friendly, social atmosphere where you will meet all sorts of other gamers, play many games, relax and have a great time. For those who want to challenge themselves, we also offer professionally operated and structured tournaments, and less structured mini-tournaments, with fabulous prizes and gamer cred!

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