2019, a new year

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2019, a new year

Postby BloodyIron » Tue Dec 25, 2018 12:33 am

We hope you're having a lovely holidays, and get to make some time for relaxing gaming!

As for what we're up to. Well, we're working on building a new year.

Not sure when it's launching, but we're working on:
  • A new website
  • A comms system better than Mumble (our ageing server)
  • New ways to do gaming
  • More YouTube stuff (not just promotions)
  • Other shit! (not outlined below)

Our website:
ReAn has worked his ass off with our current website. (We call it "Version 2.0"/v2). Unfortunately, despite his best effort, he has coded himself into a corner. So we are building a brand new website, based on open source tech, so it takes a lot less effort for us to do stuff. We're optimistic that we'll be able to do all sorts of new and fun stuff that we can't now! We'd prefer to make sure it works properly before spilling many details, but here's something that may work for now...
  • It wont suck for mobile
  • Better account system (no, we won't need your name/etc)
  • It should look much better
  • We can make many changes much faster!

We've been running our Mumble server for over 8 years now. We've seriously lost count. We know it's an old way to do things, and we've been exploring an alternative since about Q2 of 2018. We're hoping to be able to roll it out in the new year, but we're hammering out some key things before that can happen. These comms are anticipated to work on Windows/OSX/Linux/Android/iOS/Browser in a way that's synchronised between them. Text, voice, picture, tasty stuff. It'll be super easy to use too! : D

Ways to do gaming
We're going to be expanding how we do gaming events, primarily with the new website. When we say gaming by the way, we don't just mean video gaming ;^) We're going to be exploring some alternative formats for events, and other structured gaming stuff. So watch the skies, we want to bring you more!

Not sure if you noticed, but we recently used YouTube for some advertising. Initial results have been very positive. However, in addition to the Ads, we're going to be exploring more content, in hopefully helpful ways, for gamers, yay!

Sorry to be vague about all this, but we want to make sure it's done right. We don't want to get your hopes up and not deliver on promises. That's not fun, and we'd rather you have a fun time! : )

Stay warm! \o/
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