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Less than three weeks

Postby BloodyIron » Tue May 17, 2011 12:02 pm

Good news everyone! Our coming event will be our best one yet!

Within the last day we broke our record for sign-ups! As of this writing we sit at 47 sign-ups, and people just keep on coming. If you want to secure your seat we advise you to do so promptly, as prepay will close this coming Friday at midnight. Prepaying also enables you to pledge to unlock the higher prize pot for the tournament(s) you want to enter! The event is less than three weeks away, we can barely contain ourselves.

As you may know we recently revised our Starcraft 2 tournament. As such we have made some revisions to our Team Fortress 2 tournament. First, we added the maps koth_badlands and koth_lakeside_final to the list of playable maps. Second, we adjusted the points for arena. To win a round you must now reach 5 points, up from 4. To win the whole match your team must earn 8 points, up from 5. So to clarify, if your team were to gain 5 points the first round your team would then swap sides and start the second round, and if your team were to then earn 3 more points your team would win with a total of 8 points. We also have revised the list of banned weapons, the full list is:

  • Back Scratcher
  • Battalions Backup
  • Brass Beast
  • Candy Cane
  • Jag
  • Mad Milk
  • Natasha
  • Sandman
  • Vita-saw
  • Warrior's Spirit
  • Wrangler

Once again we will be broadcasting this week. This week's schedule will be the following.

Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm MST (GMT-7): Starcraft 2 King of the Hill

We are hosting our King of the Hill event again for Starcraft 2, open to anyone in North America! To participate join the in-game channel LANified! and make sure you are ready to enter in time for the broadcast. We will be using the same rules and map list as before.

Thursday: 5pm - 9pm MST (GMT-7): TF2 Pub Stomp

Come beat us up on our public server! We'll be playing on there making sure the kart doesn't move. To join simply connect to our public server at tf2b.lanified.com which is up all the time.

To watch any of these broadcasts head to http://www.lanified.com/networks

Just a few days ago S2 Games celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the release of Heroes of Newerth. As such they are letting anyone (yes even you) create accounts and play for free! This will be available until May 22nd at 12am EST. If you want to check out this quality game just head to https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/trial.php create an account and get cracking! There are also plenty of recent improvements including a guide system, which is really helpful for playing heroes you aren't familiar with. Oh, and did we mention it works in Windows, Mac OS AND Linux? What are you waiting for? IT'S FREE!

We would also like to remind those interested that we can be followed on facebook at http://facebook.lanified.com , which we post regular updates to our events. We also run a minecraft server at mine.lanified.com . And we are working our butts off to make this coming LAN party absolutely fabulous. So we hope to see you there!
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