It's this weekend, already!

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It's this weekend, already!

Postby BloodyIron » Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:50 pm

Good news everyone!

Our event is THIS WEEKEND! Doors open at 10am Saturday and the first 5 people to attend get a free cpu magazine cloth mousepad! Before you come don't forget to review the list of what to bring, you can find a full list at the top of the event details ( ), but most importantly everyone must bring a legal ID and if you are under 18 a legal guardian must be present for check-in. We also recommend that before you come you try and clean up your system. We recommend you use Spybot Search & Destroy, Malwarebytes Anti Malware and Microsoft's Security Essentials (all free) to help clean up your system before you come. Virii and malware at LANs are no fun at all. This is also very important to do if you plan to fileshare during the event (don't let that gigabit networking go to waste!).

Also from now until noon Saturday we will be running another flash game challenge. The person with the highest score for the flash game Gimme Friction Baby ( viewtopic.php?f=27&t=109 ) will earn themselves a cloth Heroes of Newerth mousepad! To claim this mousepad you must be present at the event at noon. To report a score you must take a screenshot of your high score and post it as a reply to the thread in the forum. Please try to crop your picture to only show the game.

During the LAN we will be hosting a local only Minecraft build server. It will have a clean fresh new world for you to hack and slash at, and to build your monolithic figures on. Right now we are planning to have monsters on, pvp off, and we will be running it for the duration of the event. If you want to see any changes for this server please post on our forums ( ).

The tournament schedule for this event is as follows:

Starcraft 2: 1400hrs (2pm) Saturday
Team Fortress 2: 2100hrs (9pm) Saturday
Heroes of Newerth: 1200hrs (noon) Sunday

We will be broadcasting again this week, you might recognize our schedule:

Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm MST (GMT-7): Starcraft 2 King of the Hill
Last week we had some fantastic plays between entrants, this week should be a great opportunity for people to get some practice in before our event this weekend. To enter just join channel LANified! in-game and make sure you're ready when we call for our next contestant. The challenger chooses the map. The map list follows the ladder list but we allow competitive variants too.

Thursday: 5pm - 9pm MST (GMT-7): Heroes of Newerth King of the Hill
Once again we will be running a 5v5 King of the Hill event. We will be hosting the games on USE so if you ping well enough to USE servers we welcome you to assemble a team and enter. The easiest way to enter is to join channel LANified! in-game. It will be on Forests of Caldavar with Banning Pick and Tournament Rules enabled. Please try to organize your team in advance so that we can make this a smooth event. If you want you can use our mumble server for your team at (default port). If you need us to setup any channels for you, just let us know and we can get right on that.

To watch our broadcasts, as always, just head to , if you know anyone who would be interested in watching please feel free to pass the link around.

As a brief reminder, we still run several public servers which are open to anyone:
Team Fortress 2: (tf2a is in the works)

If there's anything you want to see on these servers, just post on our forums and we'll see what we can do to help you.

Hope to see you this weekend!
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