One month away! Concession, schedule, rules finalization

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One month away! Concession, schedule, rules finalization

Postby BloodyIron » Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:08 pm

Our coming event is less than one month away, but there's still plenty happening! Not only that but we have more than 60% of our capacity signed up already!

We have put a lot of work into our tournaments, but some people are confused by some of the methods we utilize. A lot of people ask us, why use Round-Robin? We utilize Round-Robin for multiple reasons. One of the more notable reasons is that each and every entrant gains a guaranteed minimum number of games before being eliminated. For example, in our groups of 6 round-robin stages each entrant gets at least 5 matches no matter what! Compare this to Double Elimination where you get a minimum of 2 matches, and Single elimination with a 1 match minimum, one can easily see that you get more matches in before being eliminated with Round-Robin. We also utilize round-robin because it is a fairer contest, It means that those who advance to the following stages are fierce competitors, which can make spectating matches much more exciting! We don't always employ Round-Robin, but we do when we feel it will yield the best results.

One of the added benefits of putting a lot of effort into our tournaments is that we are able to provide a schedule in advance of the event and adhere to it. Our hard work ensures that tournaments do not go over-schedule, and in turn entrants can plan around which tournaments they want to enter, and know when they begin.

To see the schedule for our coming event head to the event details at:

We also have made the following adjustments to the coming tournaments:

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm 2v2:
+Changed format from Double Elimination to 2-Stage (see event details for full ruleset and format)
+Finalized ruleset and format apart from maps
*Maps not yet announced till HotS has launched

Team Fortress 2: 3v3 King of the Hill
+Finalized ruleset, format and banlist

Super Smash Brothers: Melee 2v2
-Removed Fountain of Dreams map due to reports of lag

We also would like to announce that our delicious concession will again be on-site for the coming event! The concession provides on-site hot meals, drinks and snacks. The menu consists of many delicious meals, delivered to you at the event! The concession typically stays open as late as people are still hungry, sometimes as late as 2am. How convenient!

As we mentioned, our event is less than a month away. We have only 50 seats total and we already have 60% signed up! If you are as excited about gaming as we are and want to ensure your seat and support what we are doing, prepay! Prepaying guarantees your seat as we do not oversell! If you know anyone who is also interested in coming, bring them along! There's plenty of gaming happening, and the more the merrier. For full event details, to sign up and to prepay head to:
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