Minecraft Multiverse: Griefing Guards!

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Minecraft Multiverse: Griefing Guards!

Postby BloodyIron » Sat Jul 05, 2014 6:34 pm

Griefing in Minecraft has been a problem for many people, but today we're prepared!


Today LANified! is proud to announce a delicious new addition to the Minecraft Multiverse that will completely address griefing! But the added benefit is that it doesn't "whitelist wall" legitimate players who are interested in joining in on the fun!

But BloodyIron, how can that work?

Well you see, we've moved to a method where everyone by default is in an Untrusted group. Players in that group can connect to any of the Universes in the Minecraft Multiverse, and they can explore, but they can't interact with anything, pick anything up, trigger anything, aggro monsters, or anything beyond moving around and chatting! This mechanism makes it so that interested parties can come see what all the fuss is about, without us having to worry things like hit and runs.

But BloodyIron, how do people get legitimate access then?

Any player who wants to be promoted to the Trusted group must appeal to a Moderator or higher. Having a Trusted player vouch for you will help this process. If you do not know anyone in the Multiverse previously, it is recommended that you get acquainted with the existing players. This will help you decide what part of the Multiverse you want to participate in, and other similar elements. When you appeal to a Moderator or higher be prepared to answer a few questions.

That's it! If you want to know more about the Minecraft Multiverse and how to get in on some awesome Minecraft action, check out: http://www.lanified.com/news/details/84188
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