Our new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive local server

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Our new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive local server

Postby BloodyIron » Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:53 pm

In response to our recent interest in CSGO, at our last LAN, we have spun up a new CSGO server that is configured with competitive settings. Due to how VALVe handles matchmaking it is not in the matchmaking queue, but it is available for your use, and others' too! But why bother? There's lots of other servers out there, right?

Not necessarily. We have the configurations setup to reflect what's important to competitive players namely:
  • 128tick
  • friendly fire on
  • max 10 players
  • bomb timer of 35s
  • alltalk off
  • many other settings used in competitive matches

You, your team, your friends, whoever, are welcome to use it as you see fit. We are hoping that it will be used to help grow the local competitive scene, but it's a public service, use it as you see fit.

The address is: csgo1.lanified.com:27020

We will be working to improve it over time, so if you want to see any changes, do let us know!
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