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Triple action!

Postby BloodyIron » Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:58 pm

Hello fellow gamers! With 2015 comes a new year, and with our new year we are bringing you even more awesome gaming! Not only are we announcing our next event today, but we are announcing our next THREE events today. All of which you can secure your seat for right NOW!

But BloodyIron, are you mad?
Mad about gaming, yeah! Sure, it may be a lot of gaming, but we see so many gamers in Calgary, we want you all to come join us and have a blast! Besides, each of the three events has a different set of tournaments, what a selection!

Ladies and Gentlemen, LANified! is proud to present our Best in Calgary series:

LANified! 19: Running with Knives (clicky)
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive main tournament and mini-tournaments (cash prizing up to $700! + "Best in Calgary" award!)

LANified! 20: Jungle Jukes (clicky)
  • DotA 2 main tournament and mini-tournaments (cash prizing up to $700! + "Best in Calgary" award!)

LANified! 21: Summoner's Stand (clicky)
  • League of Legends main tournament and mini-tournaments (cash prizing up to $700! + "Best in Calgary" award!)

But BloodyIron, what do you mean by Best in Calgary?
In addition to the cash prizes for these events, the first place finalists for the main tournaments will be awarded a glorious plaque declaring "Best in Calgary"! Not only do we want to foster competitions that welcome all players, but we also want to reward those who strive for the top. Each plaque will be personalized after each event with the team's name and the name and handle of each player on that team, then returned to the captain of that team.

But BloodyIron, with all those games, are you going to be playing other games?
Of course we are! These are LAN parties after all, gaming is what it's all about! As people sign up for each event we ask them 3 games they will likely want to play at the LAN party. Then that forms a list ("Game Preference" just below the Tournaments) on the event page, updating with each person who signs up. This way you can find others who want to play a particular game!

But BloodyIron, I don't know anyone at your events, should I still come?
Totally, you really should! LAN parties are social events, it's about getting people together. They are a perfect place to make friends, maybe join a team, or just find people to game with, it's all good! These are all public events so we welcome gamers of all shapes, sizes and such. We run them for YOU!

But BloodyIron, I have a question not outlined here or on the event pages, what should I do?
Well you can reach me on STEAM ( ), or post on our forums ( ).
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