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LANified! 21: One week away!

Postby BloodyIron » Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:51 pm

Listen, we know we said we would close prepay already, but, you see, we've changed our minds.

We know there are more people that want to come to our LAN party, and we don't want to disappoint them! One of the hard facts we have to deal with is making sure enough people attend our events in order for them to be sustainable; and we don't have enough people prepaid just yet to hit that mark. If we don't have enough people prepaid, we may have to cancel the event.

There are many benefits to prepaying for our events, as we have outlined in the past. The biggest benefit is to the event, as more people will want to come as more people prepay. It is a compounding effect.

Specifically, we are extending prepay a final time (seriously!) for LANified! 21 until Sunday June 28th (end of day).

We know you want to see awesome events, and we want to run them for you! Help us ensure that we make them happen.

But BloodyIron, what can I do to help?
The best way you can help us is spreading the word. We hear all the time, people commenting along the lines of "oh, how come I've never heard of this before?", despite our best efforts to promote our events. Word of mouth is very effective. We understand that there are already plenty of you spreading the word, and we appreciate that greatly. The biggest barrier we face is people simply not knowing about our events and what we do. Help us break down that barrier.

But BloodyIron, what if I haven't figured out a team?
Our forums are a good way to help connect players and teams. We have a thread to help players/teams connect with each other : viewtopic.php?f=21&t=84258

Now that we have that out of the way, do you remember all the sweet stuff that's going on at the coming LAN? Don't forget, in the main tournament teams are battling for the "Best in Calgary" title and plaques! Each player on the 1st place team gets cash and super sweet custom plaques. in addition to the rewards from Riot!

Here's the team captain from team CripStix receiving their LANified! 19 "Best in Calgary" plaques : ... =1&theater

There are many reasons you should join us at our coming LAN party. It truly is an experience not found elsewhere. For full details and to prepay head to :
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