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Postby BloodyIron » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:49 pm

Alright folks, I think it's time we have a real talk with BloodyIron.

We at LANified! have been running these LAN parties for almost 9 years now. While we've had our successes, we've also had our fair share of failures and flops too.

We're working on incredibly awesome things for next year. But it's not next year just yet.

In under two weeks time we want to put on our next LAN party, and co-ordinate great League of Legends gaming here in Calgary. But there's one problem, one thing we simply can never overcome.

We cannot do it without you.

As of this writing, we literally have zero prepays for this event. We haven't seen such numbers in years, and quite frankly it worries us.

We simply cannot run events without the support you provide. Not just the kind words, the cheering and your company, but the support by prepaying. Putting down your money to say that you want to make this happen, is one of the biggest ways you can support us (apart from telling others about us).

However, historical factors are forcing our hand into a direction we normally avoid. We are drawing the line in the sand. But it isn't all sour grapes.

As of right now, we are extending prepay for LANified! 24: Rumble in the Rift until Wednesday November 18th 2015 (end of day), but there are some caveats. For the first time ever (and likely the last time), we are establishing an explicit minimum number of prepays for an event to happen. We need to have 15 prepays in order for us to go forward with this event. If we do not get enough prepays we will cancel this event; but if we do cancel the event, you will receive 100% of your money refunded (as we have done every single time in the past when we have been forced to cancel).

However, if we do reach the 15 prepays, or higher, we will extend the prepay a second time after Wednesday and the event will happen.

I am sorry about the serious nature of this post, but unfortunately we feel we have exhausted all other options at this point. We believe that there are plenty of people in Alberta that want to play League of Legends together, but we need your support.

If you want to help us grow the League of Legends community in Alberta, help us help you, prepay today :
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