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LANified! Bootcamp Program - Phase 1

Postby BloodyIron » Sun Dec 27, 2015 8:37 pm

LANified! is proud to announce The LANified! Bootcamp Program - Phase 1

LANified! also has new staff openings, further details below.

But BloodyIron, what is The LANified! Bootcamp Program?
The LANified! Bootcamp Program is intended to provide services which help gamers enter and progress in competitive gaming. The services are similar to how we run our official tournaments, but are operated in an environment where nothing is on the line.

But BloodyIron, what do you mean when you say Phase 1?
We plan to expand The LANified! Bootcamp Program over time. Phase 1 will encompass services around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, limited live broadcasting, and other related details. We plan that future phases will include expansions in various areas, but cannot commit to what at this time.

But BloodyIron, what about the existing CS:GO Scrims?
The LANified! Bootcamp Program is intended to replace the less-structured CS:GO Scrims. Also The LANified! Bootcamp Program will now start at 8pm, instead of 6pm.

But BloodyIron, who should participate?
With Phase 1 we are wanting to attract gamers who enjoy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in Western Canada, and nearby regions in the USA (NW USA). We welcome established teams, and gamers who have no team (aka ad-hoc gamers). The program is intended for many gamers, and we currently have no limit on the number of participants. The more the merrier! Generally if you ping well to then you should participate.

But BloodyIron, who should not participate?
We want to keep the atmosphere of the program as friendly and productive as possible. As such those who are hostile, unsportsmanlike, and/or are otherwise generally abrasive are not welcome. We are not going to police your language, but if a gamer starts significantly disrupting the atmosphere of the program, they will no longer be welcome. The program is intended to help gamers and teams grow in competitive gaming, constructive criticism is an effective tool, but hostility and unsportsmanlike conduct is unbecoming of gamers, and will not be tolerated.

But BloodyIron, I/We don't have a team, what should I/We know? (ad-hoc gamers)
Those who want to enter the program as ad-hoc gamers will be given assistance in forming a team for the day. The first step is jumping on our mumble server ( default port), then jumping in the "Team Forming" channel, then ask for a Tournament Administrator. Then in the second step, a Tournament Administrator will co-ordinate with you for forming a team for the day. The third step, once your team has been formed, your team will need to elect a captain and inform a Tournament Administrator who your captain is. Choose wisely, as your captain must be the same person for the day! The fourth step, a Tournament Administrator will then direct you to a channel on mumble, and co-ordinate your games against other teams; telling the captain which server the team must connect to, and other relevant details.

But BloodyIron, I have a team that wants to participate, what should we know? (established teams)
Those who want to enter the program as an established team will need to follow a few different steps and meet certain criteria.

An established team must meet the following criteria:
  • Have a dedicated STEAM group for the team. The team name will match the name of this group.
  • The dedicated STEAM group can have no more or less than 5 members, and all members will be the fielded roster (those allowed to play as that team).
  • The team captain must be the Administrator of the group. All established teams require a captain. Only one member can be an Administrator, and in-turn a captain.
  • The STEAM group and team roster cannot change members while a team is participating in a day of the program. If a team changes roster/STEAM group members while a program event is in progress, they will become ineligible to continue participation that day, as an established team. Rosters and STEAM group membership is allowed to change when a program event is not in progress.
  • The dedicated STEAM group must have a tag prefix.
  • While a program event is in progress all team members must select the prefix for the team they entered as.
  • All program co-ordination will be performed between Tournament Administrators and team Captains. Captains are expected to co-ordinate their team.
  • Register the established team in the team registration thread, following the template outlined in the first post. The thread is at: ... 440182176/

Established teams that meet the criteria will be provided with a vanity channel on the LANified! Mumble server matching their team name. These channels will not have a password, but generally the channel is intended to be used exclusively by the team at their discretion.

Once a team is compliant with the criteria, and then wants to participate in a program event, they must follow these few steps.
  • First, all members must join the LANified! Mumble server and be in their team's channel.
  • Second, the team captain must check-in with a Tournament Administrator, advising them that the team wants to participate.
  • Third, the Tournament Administrator will validate the team's adherance to the criteria, and co-ordinate correction of any shortcomings.
  • Fourth, once the team is compliant, the Tournament Administrator will begin co-ordinating with the team captain as to who they are playing against next, what game server to use for the next game, and other related details. During a program event it is expected that the captain take responsibility for their team and compliance with the criteria.

But BloodyIron, what did you mean by limited live broadcasting?
LANified! will begin live coverage of The LANified! Bootcamp Program in a limited fashion. Initially this will be live broadcasting from the perspective of a single team during a program event. Generally which team that is being covered will change from one game to the next. LANified! will broadcast the in-game perspectives of the selected team, as well as their conversation on mumble, at the same time. The live broadcast is likely to have a delay to defuse player ghosting. Ad-hoc gamer teams, or established teams may request that they be broadcasted in their next game, but generally LANified! will select randomly which teams are broadcasted and when. To watch the broadcast head to

But BloodyIron, how can I show that I am interested in The LANified! Bootcamp Program?
If you are interested in participating (as a player or team), please post in this thread: ... 440186898/

Posting in this thread is not required, but it helps show us and others how many people are interested.

But BloodyIron, you mentioned new staff openings for LANified!, what about them?
LANified! is currently seeking 2-4 Tournament Administrators to expand our existing Tournament Administrator contingent. Interested parties should head to:

But BloodyIron, I have a question, how can I get it answered?
You can post here, or on one of our many mediums (twitter/STEAM/faceboook/ forums), or just contact BloodyIron directly through STEAM ( ). We'll do our best to answer questions promptly!

To summarize for quick reference:
  • Saturdays and Wednesdays starting at 8pm
  • Join as ad-hoc players, or as established teams
  • Mumble server is at default port
  • Broadcasted at

We're excited about The LANified! Bootcamp Program and we want to help you enjoy competitive gaming as much as possible! Come join us, it's going to be a blast!

STEAM group :
website :
twitter : @LANified ( )
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BloodyIron :
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