LANified! Bootcamp Program - Phase 1.1 (revised) + Plaques

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LANified! Bootcamp Program - Phase 1.1 (revised) + Plaques

Postby BloodyIron » Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:38 pm

Hi Folks,

We're revising a few details for the Bootcamp Program, as well as clarifying what exactly it is (sorry about that). Also, "Best in Calgary" plaque presentation pics for team "KQLYFornia" for LANified! 22 below!

Bootcamp Program Revision Phase 1.1:
- Schedule changing from Sat+Wed 8pm -> Sat+Tue 8pm (effective immediately)
- Reeling back on the established team stuff for now

What is the LANified! Bootcamp Program?
It is meant to serve three primary functions:
  • Help players form/find teams (temporarily or long-term)
  • Help players/teams practice, in a fashion similar to our tournaments, with nothing on the line, on local high-quality servers
  • Help players share/receive info on how to get better

What does Phase 1 mean?
We plan to expand the provided services over time, through phases.

Who should participate?
Individuals and teams. We are stopping the team registration for the time being, to simplify things. We want to attract as many people to this as possible. Try jumping on to check your ping.

Who should NOT participate?
We want to keep this as welcoming as possible. If you treat others in unsportsmanlike ways, or cause other problems, you will probably not be welcome.

When is it?
Every Saturday and Tuesday starting at 8pm MST (GMT-7). Generally goes till we run out of people.

How do I participate?
  • Connect to our public mumble server ( default port)
  • Jump in the "Teaam Forming" Channel that is in the "Counter-Strike" channel
  • Tell a Bootcamp Administrator you want to participate, they will then determine where to place you

Who are the Administrators?
  • Xiphos
  • Ishamael

Will the Bootcamps be broadcasted?
Yes, but at this time we will not have commentary or personalities involved in the broadcast. Typically we will broadcast the perspective of one team at a time, and include their mumble chatter.
To watch just head to ->

Here we have LANified! presenting the "Best in Calgary" custom plaques to the Team Captain "Jonzy", who's team "KQLYFornia" placed 1st in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive main tournament at LANified! 22: Glock Blocked:
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