More tournaments! More prizing! I LOVE IT!

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More tournaments! More prizing! I LOVE IT!

Postby BloodyIron » Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:17 pm

We just wrapped up our latest LAN party last weekend, but we're not done just yet!

We here all kinds of feedback from all kinds of gamers, and one thing we hear all the time is they want MORE. So... we're going to give you MORE. But more what?


LANified! 27: BuyBack
  • Adding CS:GO Wingman 2v2 Main Tournament

LANified! 28: Rebound
  • Adding League of Legends 5v5 Main Tournament

Each of these tournaments will have CASH prizing, and are not meant to replace any other tournament! As in, we will still be running CS:GO 5v5 tournaments too, but at other LANs. Rules and formats have not yet been announced, but will be soon.

There are so many gamers, all around us, enjoying all kinds of gaming. We want to run awesome events for so many gamers! We hope that you join us at our LAN parties, and have a blast.
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