Hacking the Mines

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Hacking the Mines

Postby BloodyIron » Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:51 am


Minecraft is a great little game, and for some they want it to be more, but not much more. We at LANified! have recently looked into what can be done, as a result we are now running a modified Minecraft server. What does this mean to you? Well now you have some nifty new features!

Anyone who connects and is new will be classified as "default" and have certain limited privileges. Those who play more often will be classified as "regulars". We also have a mod/admin groups for our own special things too.

Default users now get the following additional commands:
  • /help
  • /home
  • /spawn
  • /me
  • /playerlist
  • /motd
  • /who (alias for playerlist)

Regulars get all of the previously listed functions as well as:
  • /sethome
  • /warp
  • /listwarps
  • /seen

Do note that only mods/admins can set warps, and the warps will be doled out in limited quantities. We favor the lack of use of warps but will implement them in some circumstances. If you forget the commands and what info about them everyone can use /help. Another IMPORTANTthing to note is that users will now be kicked after 20 minutes of being afk. This is only to protect users from the sheer destructive force of creepers and other monstrosities that will soon lurk the server again. This may be adjusted at a later time. You will not lose anything, it will be as if you disconnected yourself.

If you need regular access contact BloodyIron.
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