In the foot, and then some.

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In the foot, and then some.

Postby BloodyIron » Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:52 pm

Dear attendees,

We, LANified! LANparties, write to you today to bring your attention to something that concerns us greatly.

A website we have used to promote our LANs, and has been used to promote other LANs throughout Canada has been hijacked. The website is .

This is important to us, and the community, because it represents a hostile bid to take over and control the community in an illegal fashion. Furthermore the "founders" of a competing LAN (ProjectXLAN) are now members of the group that has illegally hijacked the website. The ProjectXLAN members who are part of this are Jonathan "Thanatos" B and Benjamin "FishGuy/TenderTiger" B. As such these two individuals are henceforth banned from ALL OF LANified! SERVICES. This includes but is not limited to:

-Minecraft Server
-Mumble Server

Furthermore, any groups or teams sponsored by ProjectXLAN will no longer be allowed admittance to LANified! LANparty events. Any such groups will have their entrance fees refunded and barred entrance to the events. This only effects teams/groups who are sponsored by them in the future, teams/groups that have been sponsored by them in the past are still welcome to LANified! LANparty events. Jonathan and Benjamin will also be barred entrance to any LANified! events.

We understand that this is something serious to do, but we feel that this kind of behavior should not be tolerated and as such we are boycotting everything to do with ProjectXLAN. We appologize for any inconveniences this may cause people.

Some may ask how we determined they are part of this. Consider this:

A screenshot of as of earlier today:
A screenshot of as of earlier today: was registered with, yet it currently points to the IP:, which is hosted by godaddy, not the proper host of the website.

Furthermore Gnat, the head Administrator for came to us and informed us that this redirect is completely unauthorized and hostile in nature. Further details about the legitimacy of Gnat's administrative access can be found at: ... ed_reddit/ . Additionally, several of our staff personally have met Gnat in person and worked with him to some degree for quite some time. As such we verify the validity of him being the proper Administrator of, and not this new group that has taken illegal control.

We appologize for the seriousness of this situation, but the behavior of ProjectXLAN both current and in the past, as well as this new group is and has been detrimental to the LAN party scene both in Calgary and throughout Canada. We will tolerate this no longer.
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