Bring your pitch forks and torches!

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Bring your pitch forks and torches!

Postby BloodyIron » Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:27 am

Mincraft is getting more and more regular updates. In turn we update our server.

Recently damage has been added to the server. Take note: currently this cannot be disabled, we also are unlikely to disable it given the option.

We have also turned monsters back on for the server. They are now spawning more reasonably, but they hit quite hard and take a fair beating to destroy. However there are upsides to this. Now you can get things like leather, ham and other such goodies from various monsters and animals.

Additionally, minecarts have been fixed in some areas, but are still messing up in others. Earlier testing showed good results, until I started falling through the floor mysteriously. I am uncertain why this started happening, but it happened on a stretch of rail that previously appeared to be fine. It is uncertain whether we can do anything about this matter, so we advise caution. If this happens to you we recommend that you reconnect, otherwise you will experienced wierd oddities which I am unable to effectively describe.

Currently we have also disabled the plugins/mods for the server as we have been addressing the base concerns first. We will look into turning the plugins/mods back on soon, don't fret.

In closing, don't forget your torches, and make sure to carry a weapon with you, and some food too.
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Re: Bring your pitch forks and torches!

Postby TheWackyWombat » Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:50 am

Just an FYI, I had a problem last night where a bunch of zombies flooded into my mine. Although this isnt normally an issue, two things became apparent when this happened.

1) Some mob health/damage ratios are still messed up. It only took 3 or 4 hits from zombies to 'kill' me, with full diamond armor, so watch yourselves.

2) I ended up in a weird dead but not dead state after the fight. It looked like I had 1 heart left but I dropped a copy of everything in my inventory (which I still had a copy of) and I couldn't pick anything up.

I know Notch is working on fixing a number of bugs that popped up, but I'd recommend everyone exercise caution until the next minor patch. I had to ask Bloody to restart the server because there was nothing I could do from my side to fix the 'undead' bug.

Just an FYI.

-PS- Bloody, if you see me on mumble remind me of this later! I need to discuss something with you.
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