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Serious Sam Series http://www.croteam.com/
The Serious Sam series is a series of FPS games which pit you in absolutely absurd encounters involving excessively large amounts of baddies in terrain and structures of epic proportion. Few games let you fire rockets across the map and allow you to see that yes, your rocket really did just hit that tower off in the distance.

The series starts with you, Sam, being summoned to save humanity from an everlasting invading force of extra terrestrial aliens set on destroying all humans. Starting in what appears to be the middle of the desert, you enter into Egyptian style structures and terrains picking up weapons and blowing countless foes away. At various points you encounter gigantic bosses which often require you to not only dodge the waves of baddies but also their weaponry, all the while whittling the boss down.

The game builds upon itself further when you dive into coop mode. Going through the entire game with as many buddies as you can muster; each buddy increasing the difficulty. Most coop games typically taking countless hours to complete.

The Serious Sam game series is a game which combines epic proportions, one-liners and coop gameplay in one tidy package. Oh and the graphics are pretty good too.
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Gathering of Developers (now Take-Two Interactive) (Details >>) http://www.take2games.com/

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