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Team Fortress 2 http://www.teamfortress.com/
Team Fortress 2 (TF2 from here on out) is a sequel to one of the most influential modifications of all time. TF2 builds upon the original class design from TF1 (Quake 1) and also revisits the entire game design to rebalance and refresh the title series.

The game is based around 9 classes. Each of these 9 classes resulting in a wide variety of gameplay elements. Each class unique from the next, a player can expect to go from fast paced action, to slower more tactical action, to defensive action or others within the same round of play. The simplistic design of each class makes them easy to jump into, but also results in a larger possibility to be creative with each class in the way you destroy your enemies, or support your team.

The combat is limited between two teams, RED and BLU. The two teams battle it out on an ever growing list of game modes. The modes vary from control point oriented "push" style, to defending/attacking points, to pushing a cart farther than the other team, as well as many other modes. With plenty of maps available, some maps are even designed to span multiple game modes, the gameplay seems near endless.

The artistic design of TF2 is complex when looked at subjectively, but it is designed to be simplistic to the mind. The artistic design of the maps and colouring of models is meant to quickly and easily indicate to you which team's base you're in, which team you are, and which team you're shooting at. The maps have many era-styled elements to them, helping you immerse yourself in the cold-war era the artistic design is fed from.

There are so many comical elements to the game it is challenging to reach the full end of them. The artistic design of each class is done in an exaggerated fashion, each one designed to bring a different kind of laughter to you. Each class will say a wide variety of one-liners reacting to an equally wide variety of events, anything from a recent string of kills, to completing an objective. The random elements of these one-liners further immerses you into the gameplay, making you feel as if the dis your opponent just dished out was one directed specifically for you, as opposed to one just crunched out by a computer.

The many elements of Team Fortress 2 result in a game with a high re-playability, high entertainment value, and a game which is easy to jump into but hard to master. The popularity of which keeps growing with each update released.
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