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Worms Series http://worms.team17.com/
Worms is a long standing series of turn based strategic games made by Team17. The premise of the games are that you form a team of worms after your own heart, and blow the snot out of other teams of worms with absurd weapons.

Each game typically starts with you forming your team of worms, coming up with silly names, setting flags, voices and a few other things, and then flinging them straight into battle. Single player elements involve a variety of weaponry challenges as well as other elements varying from game to game. Multiplayer elements involve designing or generating destructible maps, deciding what weaponry is appropriate for everyone to use and then killing as many of your opponents' can of worms as possible.

The breadth of weaponry at your arsenal randomly increases when you pick up crates dropped from above throughout the maps. You'll find your team using weapons ranging from slow moving explosive old ladies to falling giant concrete donkeys. The comedy in the game comes from the reactions the worms provide as well as the ridiculousness of the available weaponry.

The strategic elements are a combination of wind velocity, a completely destructible environment, how close your worms are to that worm you just want to die already, and your available weaponry. As your situation is constantly changing, you need to get creative in how you're going to win, and make sure you don't shoot yourself in the foot by blowing up your cover accidentally.
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