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Command and Conquer Series http://www.commandandconquer.com/
Command and Conquer is a long running series of games primarily focused on RTS design. As you go through each game you play the role of a Commander. Each mission involves the characters in the story line interacting with you through live-action recorded sequences. Within the CNC Series there are sub-series, each having their own styles, history and gameplay-specific elements.

The Tiberian series focuses more on the first storyline in the series, following the conflict between the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of NOD. The start of this series is placed in the not-too-distant future, a time when a mysterious material starts appearing on Earth: Tiberium. The Brotherhood of NOD discovers this powerful material and starts to harness it to fuel it's war engine against the world, attacking various regions of the world in an attempt to gain global domination. Refusing to sit idly by, GDI retaliates and extended conflicts ensue between the two. As the Tiberian series progresses from one title to the next more knowledge is unraveled around the Tiberium material, where it came from, and how it impacts the planet Earth.

Alongside the progression of the series the unit design follows, extending the futuristic design originally envisioned from the first title in the series. NOD focuses primarily on terrorist-esque weaponry, consisting of nuclear weaponry, flame vehicles, "shock" troops of sorts, and various other hit-and-run or massive-destruction style armies. Conversely GDI is more inspired by modern military design; units that would be more believable to be used by an organized military than the NOD terrorist group. GDI units typically consist of slow moving vehicles which tend to pack a punch, but take strong blows as well, while the infantry tend to be typical soldiers fighting with more standard weaponry such as rockets and miniguns. GDI is not without it's flare, their strength relying more on the technological end of weaponry, including orbital bombardment cannons, Mammoth Tanks (you are about half the height of the treads alone), as well as plenty of other entertaining weaponry.

The Red Alert series picks up in the real-world cold-war era. The storyline follows the conflicts between the Soviets and the Allied troops (primarily countries still allied from the World War 2). This conflict stems from the believe that Mother Russia is the rightful owner and mother of the world (headed by Stalin himself). While Stalin proceeds with proving this forcefully, the Allied forces step in to maintain their own Sovereignty. The storyline follows closely with the cold-war mentality of the world, consisting of cloak and dagger information and misinformation. It further expands when Stalin discovers he can use Einstein's theories (with Einstein's help of course) to travel through time. As the series progresses the Allied forces struggle to keep up with the technological advancements and military war engine which Stalin aggressively develops. The Red Alert series is more notably known for it's more creative unit design, following more of an entertaining fashion. Units such as Tesla towers which fire lightening at units, bears that launch out of cannons and terrorize infantry on the battlefield, amphibious warships which walk onto land, and plenty more designed to be absolutely ridiculous, yet still effective.

The Generals series originally stems from middle-eastern conflicts starting in the late 1980's, but are more influenced by more recent balances of power in such regions of the world. The balance of power is focused around three factions: China, USA and the Global Liberation Army (GLA). The GLA's desires primarily stem from reclaiming land they claim rights to, currently controlled by China. Whereas China's goal is more oriented around global domination. The USA primarily plays the role of defender of various regions they pledge alliance to, as well as eliminating the threat the GLA and China poses. This series shifts from the others in that it presents itself more as a game balanced to be competitively played. While singleplayer is rich with the elements that define the CNC series such as live-action stories and full plots, the multiplayer lends itself more to fairly off-center balance. This style of balance tends to play well in competitive play as with other titles (such as Starcraft) each of the factions have advantages and disadvantages which never make them equal to each other.

While each of the sub-series have their own distinguishing characteristics, there are many elements which inter-twine each together. Some are stylistic, and some are plot-driven. The series has grown in size so much it is the only game series currently to have a "first decade" package. Plots within each sub-series stretch across multiple games and expansions. The Tiberian series alone has 4 known major titles in the series not including a hand-full of expansions. Modern RTS' are mostly based off of the Command and Conquer series. Despite this Westwood (and now EA) keep innovating in the series, recently dipping into Co-op in the Red Alert series.
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Eletronic Arts (Details >>) http://www.ea.com/
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Eletronic Arts (Details >>) http://www.ea.com/

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