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Quake Series http://www.quakelive.com/
The Quake series is arguably the most influential series of games in the entire electronic gaming industry. The influence of the Quake series on the industry stems from multiple facets. These facets include game modifications, efficient netcode enabling international gaming, revolutionary graphical effects, competitive gaming, as well as others.

Before Quake, game modifications took a smaller role. A majority of them consisted strictly of custom maps and slight modifications. Quake changed everything as it provided the tools to create game modifications of any scale. Notable modifications from the Quake series include: Team Fortress, Action Quake 2 (the developers went on to make Counter-Strike), Capture the Flag, Rocket Arena, Weapons Factory and countless others. While various modifications went on to become retail titles (such as Team Fortress 2) the lasting impact on the industry came from the concepts held within Quake series modifications. Many game titles since have offered modification tools and in turn great modifications on those games have spawned.

While Doom may have spawned LAN parties, Quake took gaming to a whole new precedent with the advent of QuakeWorld. QuakeWorld enabled gamers around the world to play together on a larger scale than simply 4 person deathmatch. Furthermore it enabled those on dialup to play against others without having to worry about connection issues. The efficient netcode found in QuakeWorld resulted in an explosion of servers coming online. The numbers grew so vast that new tools such as GameSpy became necessary to find servers. With the advent of so many servers this enabled players to play with others in multiple countries which was previously unheard of due to many games not supporting such gaming or being sensitive to latencies.

Quake's graphical engine was not without it's share of notable effects too. Quake was the first engine which featured a complete 3 dimensional experience. The maps were 3 dimensional, your weapons were 3 dimensional, and so were your foes. Before Quake, action games primarily dealt with 2 dimensional sprites. This shift to the third dimension offered many new things such as the ability to have multi-level environments.

The Quake series set further precedents in the competitive gaming scene. The new networking features enabled groups to setup LAN parties and in turn tournaments. As the scene grew in popularity, so did the stakes in tournaments. One of the more memorable tournaments was when gamer "Thresh" won the personal Ferrari of lead id Software developer John Carmack. Popularity around multiplayer gaming for the Quake Series has grown so vast that it spawned an event primarily dedicated to the series: QuakeCon. Every year the best battle it out to prove who really is the best of the best.
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