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Game Details
Borderlands Series http://www.borderlandsthegame.com/
Borderlands is a Role Playing Action Shooter game in which you find yourself on a sparsely populated planet searching for a Vault. What little queues you have to finding this Vault come from myth, legend and occasional hints provided from the residents or others who have tried before you (and failed).

Role Playing in Borderlands involves balancing your talent points as you level to suit how you want to play, deciding which randomly generated weaponry you want to use, and progressing through the questing system. Each level offers you one talent point, distributable into any of three unique talent trees (unique to the class). Certain talent distributions can have minor to drastic changes in your character's style of play. Progressing through the game items are randomly generated through vending machines and drops from conquered enemies. The variety in items can result in both mundane and quirky results, examples include shotguns that fire explosions.

Borderlands offers steady entertainment; combining the additional challenge of cooperative play, the comic book artistic styles, and varied types of humor.
Game Genre
Action Adventure
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