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Unreal Tournament Series http://www.unrealtournament2003.com/
The Unreal Tournament (UT) series takes the Unreal Engines and adds arena style gameplay, fantastic bots, a wide array of weaponry, and a plethora of gameplay modes and maps. All of the elements combine to form one of the most action-packed FPS series around. The basis behind certain titles in the series being blood sports for entertainment between clans and factions, other titles being based on more global conflicts between the same clans and factions.

What makes the bots actually worthwhile to play against or with is that they are so flexible that anyone from a beginner level up to the Pro level can fight them and feel challenged. With a wide array of difficulty settings per bot, you can tailor each to fit exactly what you want. The flexibility extends into team based modes; each bot reports important events such as a kill, objective completed or scouting element. Tie this with the built in order system and you almost have a proper set of teammates.

With the epic proportions of the game come equally epic weaponry. The variety in design becomes apparent when you pick up weapons such as the bio-rifle, the flak cannon or the redeemer. All weapons are designed to be fully capable of obliterating your opponents, with each having different strengths.

The base of the game stems from each game mode. While containing standard modes such as Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, the series innovates with original modes such as Assault, Invasion, Bombing Run, and Double Domination. With plenty of game modes to choose from, players can typically find just what they are looking for, as well as find surprisingly fresh new ways to play.
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