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Come and gone

Well that time has come; LANified! 20: Jungle Jukes is over!


Team "4 weabs+angela" won the DotA 2 tournament, taking home 5x single day passes to The Node, $200 cash, the title of "Best in Calgary", and plaques solidifying their title.

Team "Closed Forever" placed 2nd, and while they fought valiantly, they walk away with 5x single day passes to The Node, better luck next time!

The team rosters were:

Low Priority:

  • Captain: LP.Koopa
  • LP.LohTheEpic
  • LP.1983
  • LP.Bunnies
  • LP.fogHAT

Closed Forever:
  • Captain: Truckwaffle
  • Hallucinate
  • randomacc9321
  • Phones
  • Pauer

4 weabs+angela:
  • Captain: Partyplatypus
  • chad
  • MicrowaveSeller
  • moonmeander
  • angina

Thanks to all the teams that threw their hats into the ring!

We hope you all had an awesome time, and even if you didn't, we really want to hear what you have to say! We have a thread for feedback for the event and we would love if you told us what you think, just head to : viewtopic.php?f=20&t=84256

The event has been a lot of fun for us, and we're super glad you made it out! We'll be bringing more events to you this year, in addition to the upcoming LANified! 21: Summoner's Stand. We also run a public mumble server and other services ( viewtopic.php?f=28&t=5176 ) so do join us on Mumble ( voice.lanified.com default port ) for gaming and whatever else you want!

If you want to keep up with LANified! news, you can follow us on facebook ( facebook.lanified.com ), twitter ( @LANified ) or just check our site periodically for news and event info.

If you want to help us, spread the word! Tell others about what we're doing here and be sure to bring them along to future events! The more the merrier, and we all win when the gaming community grows.

Again, thanks to everyone for coming!

Last minute extension

One week from now is our next LAN party, and while we have already extended prepay, some people missed out on it, but still want to come!

So what does that mean? That means we're going to help those people out and extend prepay for LANified! 20 one last time, until Sunday April 26th (end of day). We mean it this time! I swear! We're going to re-open prepay till then, but after that we have to close prepay! Really, it's true.

But BloodyIron, what if I haven't figured out a team yet?
Well you see, we've started a super awesome thread to help people form/find teams! You should totally post there and such: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=84254

Oh, did we mention that there is street cred on the line? The first place team for the DotA 2 main tournament not only takes home cash, but also personalized plaques declaring them the "Best in Calgary"! Are you going to let that slide? Do you think you're the Best in Calgary? What on earth are you waiting for? Secure your seat today: http://www.lanified.com/events/go/17/3

LANified! 20 almost here!

Woah, what a rush! Not only have the tournaments we ran at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2015 come and gone, but our next event is just around the bend! But so what? So we're extending prepay for LANified! 20 till Friday April 24th! (end of day)

Our coming event will feature the main tournament of DotA 2, with sweet prizing, but we're going to be running other mini-tournaments too! (to be announced soon). We also are having a raffle that's only for those who prepay, including a delicious TRENDnet TEW-812DRU Wireless Router!

So what are you waiting for? Prepay today to secure your seat : http://www.lanified.com/events/go/17/3

If you want to see the sweet pictures from the Expo, head to our facebook album at : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 861&type=1

Calgary Expo 2015 here we come!

Hear me now fellow gamers!

Today LANified!, Memory Express and the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo are proud to announce a joint effort to bring you awesome video gaming features at the coming Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2015!

You read that right, the best parts of entertainment culture in Calgary have come together to provide interactive modern gaming experiences at the expo next week.

We will be offering two facets in this conjoined effort. Demonstration and Competition, both of which will be interactive!

Memory Express will have an incredible setup demonstrating the true value in current gaming equipment. You will be able to sample and indulge in the highest grade gaming experience currently offered. There will be multiple systems setup as well as incredibly knowledgeable staff readily available to help demystify the most common question: "Is the hardware really worth it?" Not only that but should you decide you want to make it happen they will be immediately ready to help you figure out your dream rig.

But wait, there's so much more. In addition to the Demonstration setups the joint effort really shines in the Competitive regard!

Immediately adjacent to Memory Express' setup is our interactive tournament area! LANified! will be running interactive tournaments throughout the entirety of the expo! Not only that, but the tournaments are open to everyone that makes it into the expo! There will be a different tournament on each of the first three days of the expo and we will be holding finals for all of the tournaments on the fourth day (Sunday). Each tournament will feature prizing at different stages of the tournament and we (LANified!) have specially designed the tournaments to be welcoming to gamers of all skill levels! Furthermore special care has gone into the tournament formats so that you can have an exciting experience without having to over-commit your time.

The first stage of each tournament will be a King of the HIll format, where we take ready gamers and throw them into the next game! Gamers will be competing for control of the hill and as you continue to win you stay in to face more challengers! Should you reach certain consecutive wins you will earn prizes and even be invited to the second stage on Sunday to enter the exciting finals!

The second stage of each tournament will take the fiercest gamers from the first stages and pit them against each other to determine who really is the best, battling for a 1st place prize!

The tournament area consists of a raised podium, bleachers and registration/administration. Those who enter the tournaments will be playing on extremely high grade gaming systems provided by Memory Express; enabling you to have the fairest chance in the tournaments and a highly immersive experience! The games will be projected live onto a massive screen on the stage for all to see. Each computer station will be additionally equipped with the finest peripherals: mechanical keyboards, precision mice and high-grade headsets. Additionally the computer stations will come pre-loaded with the games and for the team tournaments pre-connected to an on-site mumble voice server, providing the highest grade voice communications enabling you to co-ordinate with your team effortlessly.

Have you ever seen a gaming competition and thought to yourself, why not me? Why can't I enter that? How exciting and awesome would that be? That's what LANified! is all about and what we're doing here is bringing that incredible experience to you! We want you to enter, we want you to give it your best and we certainly want you to have a blast. Gaming is so much fun and live competitive gaming brings you an experience you simply can't find online. What are you waiting for? Step up and fight for the hill!

But BloodyIron, what games are in the tournaments?

  • Thursday - Trackmania2 Stadium
  • Friday - Team Fortress 2
  • Saturday - League of Legends

But Bloodyiron, how do I enter? Does this cost me anything? Where is this located?
If you are already at the expo it doesn't cost you anything extra! The tournaments are only available to those at the expo with a valid expo ticket for the day. However if you have been invited to finals on Sunday and you do not have an expo ticket for Sunday we will be arranging special considerations so that you can enter the tournament finals! This does not grant you access to the rest of the expo, this will be exclusive access to the finals as a finalist.

We will be taking tournament registration at the expo throughout the event. All of this is located in the Agrium Building, about a stone's throw away from check-in for the expo itself (same building). We recommend you enter the tournaments early as we have a limited number of spots for finalists, but if you want to enter later in the day don't let that stop you! Additionally we will generally be keeping a short queue for each match so that gamers don't have to wait long to get in. Just come to our registration/administration table and say "I want in!"

But BloodyIron, why are you choosing these games and formats?
We have selected these games and formats because they are fun, easy to pick up, and have a limited time commitment. We wanted to strike a balance between structured competition and accessibility to newcomers. Historically we have seen great success with these games, formats and styles, and we are confident this will deliver on an exciting experience with fair competition. Additionally these games are fantastic for spectating, we want to draw the spectators into the action too!

But BloodyIron, what are the finer details of the tournaments and prizing?
The complete details of the tournament formats and the prizing is not yet finalized, we are working to complete that as soon as possible. Some additional scheduling details is available at : http://calgaryexpo.com/gaming/ and we will be posting the rest of the details at a later date.

But BloodyIron, I've never entered a tournament before, am I welcome?
EVERYONE is welcome! If you're at the expo, step on up! We understand that not everyone will want to compete, and that there will be those who just want to spectate, but we make it so easy to enter and get involved you really have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Competitive gaming at all levels is a blast and we invite you to join us in the fun.

With so much going on it's understandable if you have more questions than we have answered here. We're ready to take your questions publicly or privately. If you want to contact us privately and directly you can email me (BloodyIron) at bloodyiron _at._ lanified .dot_. com (obfuscated so I don't get spammed, sorry). And if you want to know more about other events we have coming up (we have 2 LAN parties coming up) just head to http://www.lanified.com

Are you excited? We certainly are!

Minor change

It's not certain how important this is, but we figured it would be worth saying. We bugged him about his handle, and we've succeeded in convincing him to change his handle.

Tournament Administrator Zakizdaman will henceforth go by the handle of Xiphos instead.

It is done!


Uh oh, there's nothing here.

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