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Triple action!

Hello fellow gamers! With 2015 comes a new year, and with our new year we are bringing you even more awesome gaming! Not only are we announcing our next event today, but we are announcing our next THREE events today. All of which you can secure your seat for right NOW!

But BloodyIron, are you mad?
Mad about gaming, yeah! Sure, it may be a lot of gaming, but we see so many gamers in Calgary, we want you all to come join us and have a blast! Besides, each of the three events has a different set of tournaments, what a selection!

Ladies and Gentlemen, LANified! is proud to present our Best in Calgary series:

LANified! 19: Running with Knives (clicky)

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive main tournament and mini-tournaments (cash prizing up to $700! + "Best in Calgary" award!)

LANified! 20: Jungle Jukes (clicky)
  • DotA 2 main tournament and mini-tournaments (cash prizing up to $700! + "Best in Calgary" award!)

LANified! 21: Summoner's Stand (clicky)
  • League of Legends main tournament and mini-tournaments (cash prizing up to $700! + "Best in Calgary" award!)

But BloodyIron, what do you mean by Best in Calgary?
In addition to the cash prizes for these events, the first place finalists for the main tournaments will be awarded a glorious plaque declaring "Best in Calgary"! Not only do we want to foster competitions that welcome all players, but we also want to reward those who strive for the top. Each plaque will be personalized after each event with the team's name and the name and handle of each player on that team, then returned to the captain of that team.

But BloodyIron, with all those games, are you going to be playing other games?
Of course we are! These are LAN parties after all, gaming is what it's all about! As people sign up for each event we ask them 3 games they will likely want to play at the LAN party. Then that forms a list ("Game Preference" just below the Tournaments) on the event page, updating with each person who signs up. This way you can find others who want to play a particular game!

But BloodyIron, I don't know anyone at your events, should I still come?
Totally, you really should! LAN parties are social events, it's about getting people together. They are a perfect place to make friends, maybe join a team, or just find people to game with, it's all good! These are all public events so we welcome gamers of all shapes, sizes and such. We run them for YOU!

But BloodyIron, I have a question not outlined here or on the event pages, what should I do?
Well you can reach me on STEAM ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/BloodyIron/ ), or post on our forums ( http://www.lanified.com/forums/ ).

Two new members to the party

Zoinks caped crusaders, we're still alive!

Not only that, but today we have two new members of our organization! "Zakizdaman" and "Ishamael" will be joining our staff contingency as Tournament Administrators for future events. Our good man Bio is moving onto other parts of our organization, and we want to make sure our events keep running smoothly. You will be seeing these awesome gentlemen at our coming events and they're excited to make sure they are a memorable experience.

Please join us in welcoming them!

As for the events in this year, we will have more announcements soon enough, so keep your ears to the ground!

Our new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive local server

In response to our recent interest in CSGO, at our last LAN, we have spun up a new CSGO server that is configured with competitive settings. Due to how VALVe handles matchmaking it is not in the matchmaking queue, but it is available for your use, and others' too! But why bother? There's lots of other servers out there, right?

Not necessarily. We have the configurations setup to reflect what's important to competitive players namely:

  • 128tick
  • friendly fire on
  • max 10 players
  • bomb timer of 35s
  • alltalk off
  • many other settings used in competitive matches

You, your team, your friends, whoever, are welcome to use it as you see fit. We are hoping that it will be used to help grow the local competitive scene, but it's a public service, use it as you see fit.

The address is: csgo1.lanified.com:27020

We will be working to improve it over time, so if you want to see any changes, do let us know!

Our Minecraft Multiverse, come join us!

A few months ago we launched our Minecraft Multiverse ( original post : http://www.lanified.com/news/details/84188 ), later we updated some of our systems to pro-actively address griefing before it ever became a problem ( http://www.lanified.com/news/details/84193 ) and we most recently upgraded our Quest for Glory universe to a more consistent pack ( original post : http://www.lanified.com/news/details/84215 )

Since then, we have had more and more players come join in on the fabulous fun! But we want more to come join us, so we're spreading the word.


But BloodyIron, what is the LANified! Minecraft Multiverse?
Well you see, we've been running Minecraft stuff since September 20th 2010. It got to a point where we needed to improve our reliability of serving our Minecraft stuff, and we wanted to take what we were offering to a whole new level, and boy have we! Our Minecraft Multiverse offers many different ways to play Minecraft, while making sure we are all connected and having a great time.

Specifically we run four universes, each with their own appealing qualities:

  • Legacy
  • Hydra
  • Techno-Wonderland
  • Quest for Glory

The Legacy universe maintains the legacy world and rules that we have been so vigilant to guard for 3.5 years now. What you build will stand the test of time, but you must build it with your own hands, and the resources you and your friends gather. PvP is off on this universe. This world has become massive, and there is plenty of room for more players.

The Hydra universe is a universe of connecting worlds for different purposes. The worlds that exist are likely to change in the future, be it add/remove/change worlds. To begin we will have three worlds. One for a fresh survival world (with pvp on). One for hardcore survival (with pvp off), where if you die you get a temporary ban, further increasing the challenge in the game. And an adventure world, where players enter the world to face the challenges of the current adventure.

The Techno-Wonderland universe is a heavily modified universe adding technological and industrial elements to the game. The mod pack we are running on this universe is the Tekkit mod pack, which adds an incredible list of features. A brief summary includes: space travel, piping/pumps/conveyor belts, power suits, energy/liquid ducts, in-game programmable circuits, etc. With so much technology to explore, this truly is a new frontier.

The Quest for Glory universe is another heavily modified universe adding many game elements oriented for the adventure/rpg gamer. Existing monsters have much more variety in their abilities and behavior, plus plenty of new monsters have been added too. The world generates interesting areas to explore and conquer with many new challenges and rewards. With much mystery around this mod pack, this truly is a Quest for Glory. The mod pack that we use is the Hexxit pack.

But BloodyIron, how do I get in on all this fabulous fun?

The Legacy and Hydra universes are accessible with the vanilla/Mojang client or the Technic Launcher (download link below), however you will need to use version 1.6.4 of the client. Simply set the correct version and connect to the address of the universe you want to enter.
  • In the vanilla/Mojang client, click on "Edit Profile" in the bottom left of the main window. Then about half-way down the new window, there is a pull-down menu "Use version", set this to "release 1.6.4" and hit "save profile". Now when you hit play it will use the 1.6.4 version.
  • In the Technic Launcher, select "Minecraft" on the left list, then hit the gear icon just below that. Then select "Manually select a build" and under the "Select Build" list, set it to 1.6.4 and hit save. Then just hit play on the right.

The Techno-Wonderland and Quest for Glory universes require the use of modified clients. We recommend the use of the Technic Launcher as it makes this process very easy. To get the Technic Launcher (win/mac/lin) just head to: http://www.technicpack.net/download
  • For the Techno-Wonderland universe, after you launch the Technic Launcher you will find the "Tekkit" pack on the left, select it, hit play, and it will download the mod content for you and launch the client. Then connect to the Techno-Wonderland address (outlined below). Also be sure to stick to the version we are using (currently 1.2.9e) as newer versions may not work.
  • For the Quest for Glory universe, after you launch the Technic Launcher you will find the "Hexxit" pack on the left, select it, then hit the gear in the bottom left, and set your client to our current version (2.0.1c). Then hit Save and hit Play. It will download the mod content and then launch the client. After that connect to the Quest for Glory address (outlined below).

But BloodyIron, I need the addresses for the universes! Where are they?

Right here:
  • Legacy - legacy.mine.lanified.com
  • Hydra - hydra.mine.lanified.com
  • Techno-Wonderland - techno.mine.lanified.com
  • Quest for Glory - glory.mine.lanified.com

But BloodyIron, what else do I need to know?

  • Players by default cannot interact with the world, but you can chat and explore. This is to counteract troublemakers. It's best to locate one of our Moderators to help you get past this initial roadblock. (Moderator prefix listed below)
  • Do not steal/grief/disregard other players
  • Moderators have the ":LAN!:" prefix in chat
  • All gamers are welcome, as long as you don't break any parts of the multiverse
  • If you have issues with the services please let us know so we can straighten it out
  • BloodyIron likes many types of cheeses but prefers 2% milk
  • We do this for you, so come have fun with us : )
  • The Technic Launcher can be downloaded at - http://www.technicpack.net/download
  • We are using Tekkit 1.2.9e and Hexxit 2.0.1c currently
  • Items will not be reimbursed if lost by gameplay mechanics, however some other scenarios we may reimburse


So what do you say, come join us? :D


Uh oh, there's nothing here.

Nobody is currently sponsoring LANified! If you'd like to talk to us about sponsorship oppurtunities, please email us at sponsorship@lanified.com