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Mini-Tourneys + Prepay CLOSES TOMORROW!

We've just added two Mini-Tournaments to the Sept 22+23 LAN party:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 3v3 Demolition Mode
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Arms Race

Also, do remember, Prepay for the September LAN is CLOSING TOMORROW! Be sure to GET YOUR TICKET while you still can! Click here to do so.

Get your Hotel deals for the Sept LAN Party!


Our coming September LAN party is being held in the Glorious Clarion Hotel!

But did you know that they're giving LAN party attendees super sweet discounts on rooms? It's true!

A hotel room at a LAN party, man, that's really convenient. You go from your computer, to your hotel room, and back, all without leaving the building! You can even do it in slippers. How sweet is that?

Plus there's hot private showers, a TV in the room, and all the great conveniences you get at a hotel.

To check out the deals just click here.

LANified! 30: CS:GO Rules & Format!

Hey Folks,

We've posted the Rules and Format for LANified! 30: Breach and Clear!

It's effectively identical to the rules and format we've been using this year, however we wanted to make sure it was clearly known that's what we would be using! You can find them on the event details page, just click on the link above, then go to the part about the Main Tournament.

Our next LAN is less than a Month away! Hope to see you there! : D

LANified! 29: Cancelled

We regret to inform you that we have had to cancel our coming July event, LANified! 29: One-Tap.

We believe the issue is our fault, as we picked dates that were right on top of Calgary Stampede, and this was not intentional. By the time we realised our mistake, it was too late for us to change the dates, so we did our best to try and work past that anyways.

Clearly, that didn't work, but we are moving on.

Our next LAN party, LANified! 30: Breach & Clear, is still coming up in September. We recommend you check it out.

We are also working on another LAN party after that, and that might be in November. This may or may not involve Overwatch ;)

Either way, we will be hosting more LAN parties. We know there are plenty of people that want to attend our events, and we're still working hard to bring great gaming events to you.

We at LANified! appreciate you, the gamers interested in our events. Hope to see you at our next LAN party! :D


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