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S2 Joins us again!

Once again S2 Games is sponsoring our great event. As such the tournament prizes have been adjusted to reflect this:

TF2: 15+ Pledges: $120 for 1st place, 25 Pledges: $210 for 1st place, 40 Pledges: $360 for 1st place
HoN: $480 for 1st place. This prize pot does not stagger this event.
SC2: 15+ Pledges: $80 for 1st place, 25 Pledges: $120 for 1st place, 40 Pledges: $200 for 1st place

Thanks for the help S2!


In the mean time, why not join us on our minecraft server? mine.lanified.com

Hope to see you there!

Come join us in Minecraft!

So during the LAN we had a great thing that happened, we all worked towards building a fantastic world. Now not everyone participated in it, but most of the LAN got together in Minecraft and built some great things. Unfortunately the work was lost. However, we have worked hard to make sure this would not happen again and have setup a proper server for this.

LANified! LANparties invites you to join our new world.

To get minecraft, head to http://minecraft.net/

To play, join us on the server at mine.lanified.com

Minecraft is currently free, but we certainly aim to pick up our own accounts when they become available.

That was awesome

Well I just woke up from passing out right after getting home. After scrambling to setup my PC I must say it sure was a blast this weekend. Thanks to all who came! Even the spectators!

For those who want to keep touch, we have a facebook page, just go to facebook.lanified.com. You can also add me (BloodyIron) on Steam, just look up BloodyIron.

Going forward, I am already being bombarded by requests for our minecraft server, so I will get that up (properly) in good time. We are also working on our next event, but specifics are not yet ready. Hope to see you there! :)

LANified! 7: Team Fortress 2 Results

Here are the brackets for the Team Fortress 2 3v3 tournament:



Uh oh, there's nothing here.

Nobody is currently sponsoring LANified! If you'd like to talk to us about sponsorship oppurtunities, please email us at sponsorship@lanified.com