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LANified! 8: It's on!

Well, we sure bumped our prepays up a fair bit. I also know of multiple
people who were unable to prepay but are going to pay at the door. As such
we are going forward with this event! Also, prepayment is extended until
this coming Friday the 14th at midnight! If you can prepay, we ask that you
do so we can plan better around how many to expect. Plus, it's cheaper ;D

As a few reminders, we will be having our on-site hot food concession
again, so tasty. Serving meals, snacks and drinks!

You can also follow our updates more closely on facebook.lanified.com.

For those who havn't seen it yet, we now have a flash games section of the
forum, so come on down and set some high scores!

Last, but definately not least, we will be broadcasting our tournaments and
event! This means we will be having commentators for our tournaments, and
streaming it live both to our attendees and the internet world wide! Even
if you're not sure about victory, we encourage you to enter our
tournaments, and kick some ass!

Even Deeper

As our event nears we have many things to announce, changes we have been working on and new services and features we will be offering. We hope you enjoy what we have to say.

LANified! NETworks

LANified! is proud to announce a brand new service never before offered by us, and offered by few other events world-wide. The new service will be under the flag of LANified! NETworks and will consist of online broadcasting of various competitions and tournaments LANified! hosts. For our coming LANparty we will be broadcasting all of our tournaments as well as some other small things during the event. At this event we will be having on-site commentators for matches throughout the tournaments, as well as presenting the tournaments on a big screen for those who make it to the event.

Properly ran tournaments are key to our events and this new service is ran with the interest of making it exciting to the spectator. We are very excited to present this to the public and are looking forward to our coming event greatly. Come time of the event we will be providing information as to how to watch the broadcast and hope that you tune in. The broadcast will be available world-wide and we encourage interested spectators to pass the information about the broadcast to others they think would be interested.

We hope you are as excited about this new service as we are and we look forward to helping the competitive community expand even further in new and interesting ways.

Prizing Adjustments

We have recently reviewed the budget for the coming event and as such we will be making the following changes to tournament prizing.

TF2 : Guaranteed Minimum Prize : $120 for 1st place, 30 pledges: $300 for 1st place
SC2 : Guaranteed Minimum Prize : $100 for 1st place, 30 pledges: $300 for 1st place
HoN : Still Guaranteed $480 for 1st place

Tournament Scheduling and Ruleset Adjustments

Starcraft 2

The first notable adjustment to the Starcraft 2 tournament is that from Semi Finals on will be Bo3 (Best of 3 rounds). To clarify, both the upper and lower bracket semi final matches will be Bo3 and the Finals will also be Bo3. However the earlier stages of the tournament will remain Bo1.

The only change to the maplist is that Shakuras Plateau has been removed.

Team Fortress 2

We reviewed arena_offblast_final and have since decided to add it to the maplist. No maps were removed.

Banned Unlocks: The Sandman, Wrangler, Natasha. Any unlocks past the Australian Christmas Update (December 17, 2010) will be banned also. Update details can be found at: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Patches

Heroes of Newerth

We have been reviewing the recent changes and aditions to the game, and one of the possible changes we were evaluating is the shift to Grimm's Crossing. After thorough testing we have concluded this map is unfit for current competition as it plays to less variety in strategy than the traditional map. As such Forests of Caldavar will be used. The rules will remain unchanged and Banning Pick will continue to be used. No heroes will be banned except any heroes released near the time of the event.

Event Tournament Schedule

The schedule is pretty much the same as the last event as it worked quite well. To clarify starting times will be:

Starcraft 2:
2pm (1400hrs) Day 1, Saturday January 22nd 2011

Heroes of Newerth:
If 6 or less teams are signed up:
9pm (2100hrs) Day1, Saturday January 22nd 2011 - Whenever it finishes

If 7 or more teams are signed up:
Stage1 : 9pm (2100hrs) Day1, Saturday January 22nd 2011 - 2am (0200hrs) Day2, Sunday January 23rd 2011
Stage2 : 10am (1000hrs) Day2, Sunday January 23rd 2011 - Whenever it finishes (remaining matches/finals)

Team Fortress 2:
12pm noon (1200hrs) Day2, Sunday January 23rd 2011

Team Fortress 2 Practice Servers and Casual Gaming Challenges

As an added service to our attendees we will be providing two servers soon which will be configured to reflect the coming Team Fortress 2 tournament. These servers are offered as a service to practice on for the coming tournament and we hope you enjoy our hard work on maintaining them. If you have issues with them please contact us immediately and we will gladly assist you with ensuring their working order. Server details will be released soon, once they have completed configuration.

Also at the coming event there will certainly be time between tournaments, it happens. As such we are going to be offering some more casual options. These options will take the form of Casual Gaming Challenges. Details are still in the works, but we aim to make these challenges accessible to everyone who attends. We will likely be broadcasting at least some of the Challenges too. While tournaments are very important to us, we want to also stimulate casual gaming.

Final Notes

We would like to remind our attendees that we can be followed on facebook: http://facebook.lanified.com . Furthermore we provide a public Mumble server: voice.lanified.com and will be running one on-site at the event. If you have any questions, concerns or other feedback we would love to hear from you through our various channels including facebook and our forums.

To find out further details of the coming event please visit us at: http://www.lanified.com/events/details/5

Hope to see you at our coming event!

Bring your pitch forks and torches!

Mincraft is getting more and more regular updates. In turn we update our server.

Recently damage has been added to the server. Take note: currently this cannot be disabled, we also are unlikely to disable it given the option.

We have also turned monsters back on for the server. They are now spawning more reasonably, but they hit quite hard and take a fair beating to destroy. However there are upsides to this. Now you can get things like leather, ham and other such goodies from various monsters and animals.

Additionally, minecarts have been fixed in some areas, but are still messing up in others. Earlier testing showed good results, until I started falling through the floor mysteriously. I am uncertain why this started happening, but it happened on a stretch of rail that previously appeared to be fine. It is uncertain whether we can do anything about this matter, so we advise caution. If this happens to you we recommend that you reconnect, otherwise you will experienced wierd oddities which I am unable to effectively describe.

Currently we have also disabled the plugins/mods for the server as we have been addressing the base concerns first. We will look into turning the plugins/mods back on soon, don't fret.

In closing, don't forget your torches, and make sure to carry a weapon with you, and some food too.

In the foot, and then some.

Dear attendees,

We, LANified! LANparties, write to you today to bring your attention to something that concerns us greatly.

A website we have used to promote our LANs, and has been used to promote other LANs throughout Canada has been hijacked. The website is http://www.lanpartyeh.com .

This is important to us, and the community, because it represents a hostile bid to take over and control the community in an illegal fashion. Furthermore the "founders" of a competing LAN (ProjectXLAN) are now members of the group that has illegally hijacked the website. The ProjectXLAN members who are part of this are Jonathan "Thanatos" B and Benjamin "FishGuy/TenderTiger" B. As such these two individuals are henceforth banned from ALL OF LANified! SERVICES. This includes but is not limited to:

-Minecraft Server
-Mumble Server

Furthermore, any groups or teams sponsored by ProjectXLAN will no longer be allowed admittance to LANified! LANparty events. Any such groups will have their entrance fees refunded and barred entrance to the events. This only effects teams/groups who are sponsored by them in the future, teams/groups that have been sponsored by them in the past are still welcome to LANified! LANparty events. Jonathan and Benjamin will also be barred entrance to any LANified! events.

We understand that this is something serious to do, but we feel that this kind of behavior should not be tolerated and as such we are boycotting everything to do with ProjectXLAN. We appologize for any inconveniences this may cause people.

Some may ask how we determined they are part of this. Consider this:

A screenshot of lanpartyeh.com as of earlier today: http://www.lanified.com/downloads/PXL_LANparty_EH_2.png
A screenshot of projectxlan.com as of earlier today: http://www.lanified.com/downloads/PXL_LANparty_EH.png

lanpartyeh.com was registered with enom.com, yet it currently points to the IP:, which is hosted by godaddy, not the proper host of the website.

Furthermore Gnat, the head Administrator for lanpartyeh.com came to us and informed us that this redirect is completely unauthorized and hostile in nature. Further details about the legitimacy of Gnat's administrative access can be found at: http://www.reddit.com/r/reddit.com/comm ... ed_reddit/ . Additionally, several of our staff personally have met Gnat in person and worked with him to some degree for quite some time. As such we verify the validity of him being the proper Administrator of LANpartyEH.com, and not this new group that has taken illegal control.

We appologize for the seriousness of this situation, but the behavior of ProjectXLAN both current and in the past, as well as this new group is and has been detrimental to the LAN party scene both in Calgary and throughout Canada. We will tolerate this no longer.

Hacking the Mines


Minecraft is a great little game, and for some they want it to be more, but not much more. We at LANified! have recently looked into what can be done, as a result we are now running a modified Minecraft server. What does this mean to you? Well now you have some nifty new features!

Anyone who connects and is new will be classified as "default" and have certain limited privileges. Those who play more often will be classified as "regulars". We also have a mod/admin groups for our own special things too.

Default users now get the following additional commands:

  • /help
  • /home
  • /spawn
  • /me
  • /playerlist
  • /motd
  • /who (alias for playerlist)

Regulars get all of the previously listed functions as well as:
  • /sethome
  • /warp
  • /listwarps
  • /seen

Do note that only mods/admins can set warps, and the warps will be doled out in limited quantities. We favor the lack of use of warps but will implement them in some circumstances. If you forget the commands and what info about them everyone can use /help. Another IMPORTANTthing to note is that users will now be kicked after 20 minutes of being afk. This is only to protect users from the sheer destructive force of creepers and other monstrosities that will soon lurk the server again. This may be adjusted at a later time. You will not lose anything, it will be as if you disconnected yourself.

If you need regular access contact BloodyIron.


Uh oh, there's nothing here.

Nobody is currently sponsoring LANified! If you'd like to talk to us about sponsorship oppurtunities, please email us at sponsorship@lanified.com