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So we corrected the date/time issue we were seeing on our site, and it should be proper now. If you are still seeing some issues then first check your time zone is set properly in your forum profile and if it continues please let us know with a post on the forum.

Rolling Thunder

Well for those who may not realize it, we have another event coming up: LANified! 7: Down Right Fierce. To check the details just click the banner above, or go to the events section. Our coming event is a lot like our March event, but our first change is the addition of Starcraft 2 to the tournament list. We have other things that we're working on, but they are not yet finalized and as such we would rather they be polished before we say we're going forward with them. If you have any questions about the upcoming event feel free to post on our forums or comment on this news post.


Just to clarify some things:

LANified! will not enforce any dress code unless you do not have something equivalent to pants/skirt and a shirt minimum. Clearly the mere suggestion of forethought of attire is too hot of a topic to openly discuss.

If you have any issues with the behavior of another person at our events it is best that you speak with me (BloodyIron) immediately.

As for sportsmanship within competition, we will execute judgements if teams/players are found to be overly disruptive or poor sports.

Well that was pretty cool.

So we recently completed our latest event, and boy was it great! For those who missed it, we had about 23 attendees show up (1 did not check in). This does not include staff or food services. For those who did make it, we want to thank you for coming and hope to see you again! If you would like to provide feedback in any way please post in our feedback forum section.

While we had a few hiccups with tournaments, they went smoothly otherwise. We will be working harder to avoid such mishaps in the future, and hope it wasn't too much of a bother. As for the results of the tournaments, we will be working to get them up on the site in a useful manner, but we are uncertain when this will be just yet. The rest of the event went well and we certainly did get a lot of casual gaming in. While we had a fairly large Serious Sam game going, I somehow remember the original being bigger and more epic.

Going forward we are working on our next event. Dates are not yet finalized, but we are trying to get everything sorted out quickly here so we can start preparing for it. It will likely be at the same location.

Thanks for coming folks!

LOLs and LANs

So I was munching on my breakfast sandwich while watching CnetTV and during the buzz report Molly was talking about how Apple is suing HTC for patent apps, and I happened to get this screen cap:


I thought this was absolutely hilarious, and I'm quite surprised ABC (the parent company) let this slip through. Boy am I glad there is still adult humor in the world.

Onto other news, our LAN is almost here. We're aiming to get setup late tonight to make sure when the doors open tomorrow (10am) that everything is already running properly. As such, we want to remind you to DOUBLE CHECK that you bring everything you need. It's always a pain to forget just one thing that would really help to have (such as a mouse pad). If you are not sure what to bring, take a look at the list we have in the event details. And please make sure that anyone coming both attending or spectating brings PHOTO ID including birth date. This is very important as we are allowing alcohol on-site as well as minors to be on-site. We want to allow adult enjoyment while not excluding minors (with the exception of consuming alcohol), so please be conscious of this.

If you have any questions feel free to post on our Forums.

Hope to see you there!

Some good news and some bad news

As the event is approaching even closer we are working on finalizing all the elements. As such we have calculated the estimated maximum times of the HoN and TF2 tournaments. While the HoN tournament could potentially result in a drastically longer tournament than TF2 (at maximum numbers) we are seeing more interest in TF2. As such we will be having the TF2 tournament on Saturday at 2pm, and the HoN tournament on Sunday at noon. If interest in HoN explodes, we will have the first half of the HoN tournament on Saturday (TBD, but after TF2) and the second half on Sunday, likely to continue at noon.

So, to re-iterate

TF2: Saturday 2pm
HoN: Sunday Noon (unless interest explodes)

As for the rules of each tournament, we are finalizing the server configurations for TF2, but they are likely to follow near ESL's 3v3 arena rules. However we are still sticking with the class limits of 1 per class, including 1 medic and 1 engineer (just to clarify). We will post further details when they have been finalized. We are also exploring the possibility of 1000fps servers for the TF2 tournament.

In terms of HoN, it is currently Banning Draft, but we are exploring a slight alternative to that. As for limitations, we are looking further into such, but as S2 has been diligently implementing built-in methods to prevent over-powered (as in un-counterable) strategies and as such we do not yet see a reason to limit items/heroes/strategies beyond what is built into the game, and beyond exploits. For those who might have missed it, it will be round-robin if 5 teams or less enter, and double elimination for 6 or more.

Onto the bad news. We regret to inform you, the public, that we are dropping BAWLS as a sponsor. This comes with great regret as BAWLS has been one of our longest sponsors. The reasoning behind this is due to BAWLS supposed internal restructuring with the possibility of sale of the company. As a result we have been unable to maintain contact and supply with the company. Should BAWLS supply return to Canada, we will seriously consider revisiting sponsorship with this fantastic beverage company. Sorry guys, as such we have no BAWLS for sale for this coming event.

Since the event is coming up real fast, we will be closing prepay this coming Saturday (February 27th) at 10pm. If you are sure you are coming we recommend you prepay while you still have the opportunity. If you or someone you know who is trying to prepay and is having technical difficulties with our site or paypal we advise you contact us immediately to correct any issues, best to post on the forums. It is also worth noting that our TF2 tournament is only 3 pledges away from hitting the 15 person threshold for the $150 prize pot, so don't forget to pledge for the tournaments you want to enter.

Hope to see you there!


Uh oh, there's nothing here.

Nobody is currently sponsoring LANified! If you'd like to talk to us about sponsorship oppurtunities, please email us at sponsorship@lanified.com