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It's new!

So, here's our new site. Why? Well, we wanted to do a whole bunch of new things for you guys and we had this going on the back burner for a while. So we decided to kick it to the front burner, and punch it into high gear too.

Enough cliches.

First, as with before, single sign on. You register for one account, you log in once, that's it. It works throughout the website, including the forums. You will also be using this login at the event, as internet will always be provided at the events. With this login at the event you can enter tournaments, post on forums, and we're also cooking up some other features such as the ability to find other players who want to play games you do too.

Second, dynamic content. This site is written to be a lot more Web 2.0-esque. Different modules will tie into others, building content for each other. As tournaments are announced/occur/finished that data will be dynamically reported throughout the site. Going to the tournament section will quickly take you to that information, but should you be browsing other sections such as the Games section, you will also see all tournaments for a particular game and link to further details. There will be plenty of other examples of these module tie-ins as time goes on.

Third, prepay. We are offering prepay at the time of event launch. Not only will you be able to vouch for your attendance (and get a deal on the cost of entry), but you will be able to say what tournaments you want to enter ahead of time. This helps us as well as it helps you. As more people prepay and vouch for a tournament, different things will happen. If enough vouch for a tournament, it "enables", if not, well... we wont run it for that event. Some tournaments will have cash brackets, so as more people vouch for it, more prize money unlocks. Hooray! Once prepaid you can vouch for all, none, or any combination of the tournaments.

Fourth, old accounts. We have pulled over as many of the old accounts as we could. If you had an account on our old site you will have been sent an email outlining that you need to reset your password. If you did not receive this email, just login and it will forward you through the process of resetting your password. All old accounts will have to do this.

There's plenty more that we're working on, but these are the core elements of what is here and what is coming. Hope to see you at the next LAN!

OH ALSO, don't forget to look up, and see there is a new event coming up! Check it out, and come join us! Take note: only prepaid people can pledge for tournaments, and tournaments need pledges to happen!


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