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The cool cats at TrendNET are showing us some more love with our coming event. They're helping us out with a delicious WiFi bridge with a built in 4 port gigabit switch and sweet wireless speeds too, specifically a TEW-680MB ( http://www.trendnet.com/products/prodde ... MB&cat=157 ). If you want to keep up with what TrendNET is developing or get in touch with them, head to http://www.facebook.com/trendnet .

But what are we going to do with this scrumptious bit of tech? Well, some of our longer term attendees may remember things we've done in the past. One of those has been our flash high score challenges. So LANified! puts forth the following challenge: You must play the linked game, and not only beat the current high score of 155,604 (previously set by Dolphin), but have the highest score by Noon Oct 13 2012. To collect the prize you must be at the event. To submit a legitimate score you must take a screenshot of your score (please crop it to size) and post it in the thread for the flash game with your account.

So what game are we talking about? Just head to: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=111

But wait, there's more! However, you will have to just wait. We are going to be talking about more things going on with us tonight. So keep your eyes peeled, and in the mean time get cracking on those scores!




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