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Two KotHs and a Microphone

Good news everyone, we have some great things going on!

First, we will be broadcasting again this week, check it out

Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm MST (GMT-7): Starcraft 2 King of the Hill
We will be hosting our KotH event again, open to anyone in North America! To enter just join channel LANified! in-game and make sure you are ready to play. The map list will follow the ladder list but we will also take variant requests such as MLG/iCCup variants.

Thursday: 5pm - 9pm MST (GMT-7): Heroes of Newerth King of the Hill
We will be bringing a completely new program to you this week with a Heroes of Newerth King of the Hill event. Think you got an ace team? Make sure you're in channel LANified! in-game and we'll pit your team versus any challenging team available. This will be a 5v5 King of the Hill event on Forests of Caldavar and we will be using Banning Pick mode with Tournament Rules enabled. To keep things simple and organized, if you want to enter please declare your captain and we will coordinate with them for your matches. This will follow along the same idea of our Starcraft 2 KotH in that if you lose you are out. So assemble your team and make sure you show up!

To watch our broadcasts, head to http://www.lanified.com/networks

Second, we are making some adjustments for our coming event

We are adjusting the prizing for Team Fortress 2 and Starcraft 2. Team Fortress 2 will go from a $120 first place prize pool, to a $120 first place/$60 second place prize pool. Starcraft 2 will go from a $100 first place prize pool, to a $100 first place/$40 second place prize pool. If we get enough pledges from our prepaid attendees these will bump up even further.

We will be adjusting our seating to accommodate 40 people total. If you are planning to attend (and have not prepaid) we recommend you arrive as early as possible to ensure your seat.

We have updated the Team Fortress 2 server configurations for the tournament, including the recent adjustment to the arena points. But more importantly we have added support for the Replay feature for all the tournament servers. This way you can grab that sweet rampage you just did at the drop of a hat.

Unfortunately our regular concession staff will not be able to make this event, so we will be providing an alternative concession. We are not able to offer everything that was previously offered, but we are trying our hardest to offer a good alternative. Please don't kill us over this, we're sorry.




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