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This week's TF2 KotH slight change

Hey Folks,

While our TF2 KotH^2 events have been quite popular, we still need more teams to get qualified. As it stands right now we only have 2 teams that have successfully qualified. As such we are adjusting this week from a qualified week to a qualifying week. If you have missed it next week will also be a qualifying week, so we hope to get at least 2 more qualified teams before our next qualified week, which is slated to be 2 weeks from this week.

Sorry if this is a bit confusing, and a bit of an inconvenience, but it's hardly entertaining or enjoyable by anyone for only 2 teams to battle it out for 3 hours.

Everything else is on-schedule, 7pm - 10pm MST will be the broadcast tonight, and head to our networks page to watch.




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