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Greetings fellow gamers!

It's been a little while since you have heard from us, but rest assured we have not disappeared. If anything, we are returning with vigor!

First off, this coming weekend the next Barcraft Calgary event is going down, and LANified! will be there helping out. We will be there running a King of the Hill event, and as before there will be prizing. Details are not yet finalized, so check it out at the event! Unlike our other King of the Hill series we will not be broadcasting this one, however this is open to anyone who actually shows up! Last Barcraft we had over 40 people enter the KotH, and it was a total blast! We will be running the event on systems generously lent by The Node, a local internet cafe here in Calgary. There will also be other systems available for casual play, come get your game on, and check out what they have to offer!

When: 11:30 - 8ish, Sunday, Feb. 26th, 2012
Where: Ceili's Irish Pub Southland ( http://g.co/maps/dhw9p )

The Team Liquid thread is at: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmes ... _id=309859

If you enjoyed any of the previous Barcraft events that we were at, please show your support in the TL thread!

Second off, we continue to develop Alberta's Best Minecraft Server! Today, we bring you a map of the whole world. This map is updated daily, and features all the hard work people have done (in the normal world)! You can browse it deliciously at: http://map.lanified.com

Feel free to come join us on the server, just connect to mine.lanified.com and have fun! We only have a few rules, and mostly they are don't steal other people's stuff, don't destroy other people's stuff, don't build on or in other people's space, take what you need from central storage, give what you can to central storage, and try not to destroy the server!

Third off, we would like to remind you all that we are still running our weekly Starcraft 2 King of the Hill events. If you missed it, we still have prizing! For every 3 wins in a row a king earns, they take home $15! This event runs every Wednesday from 7pm to 10pm MST, and it's broadcasted LIVE at http://tv.lanified.com . Competition is getting mighty fierce, and we are seeing some incredible talent. So come check it out!

Full event details can be found in our Team Liquid thread at: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmes ... _id=277644

LANified! is continually working to provide you with high quality events that are exciting, fun and rewarding. If you would like to keep up with us you can follow us on http://facebook.lanified.com . Feel free to also use our mumble server at voice.lanified.com (default port) for all of your gaming needs.




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