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It's almost here!

Our seventh event, Down Right Fierce, is only 15 days away!

As such we want to notify everyone that prepayment will CLOSE one week from now. Specifically, we will close prepayment around about Midnight Friday the 10th of September 2010. Signups will still work past this, but you will be unable to prepay beyond this time.

If you are having technical difficulties we can work with you to help your situation. As such please contact us if you are having difficulties with our site, paypal or any step of the prepayment process and we will gladly help you out.

If you are planning on coming we ask that you prepay. It offers you plenty of things such as a guaranteed seat, and the ability to influence prizing for tournaments, as well as other things. It also offers us and our sponsors things such as knowing how many are coming, and how many want to enter each tournament. Furthermore it actually enables us to hold the event. As such we really appreciate those who prepay and would like to mention that every single person who prepaid at our last event, showed up!

Additionally, we now have a poster for the event! We have put up a lot at MRU and UofC, but if you want to check it out and pass it along you can access it at:

http://www.lanified.com/downloads/LANif ... 9_2010.pdf

Also, for those who made it to our last event, we will be having the concession stand again! Once again hot fresh food will be served at our event.

If you have any questions or comments please head over to our forums and let us know what you think.


Hope to see you there!




Uh oh, there's nothing here.

Nobody is currently sponsoring LANified! If you'd like to talk to us about sponsorship oppurtunities, please email us at sponsorship@lanified.com