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LANified! CS:GO Scrims! - Wednesdays and Saturdays

Hey folks!

Starting this week and going forward we are going to be holding regular CS:GO Scrims in-house!

This is open to everyone who likes to play CS:GO, whether you have a team or not. It's pretty easy, and we think you'll have a blast! Just follow these steps and you'll be set:

1) Check the schedule, then get online at the time
2) Jump on our mumble server ( voice.lanified.com default port)
3) Join the "Scrim Forming" channel under "Counter-Strike" on mumble
4) Talk to Xiphos (on mumble or STEAM) to figure out a team ( http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197995982559/ )
5) Get to know your team, perhaps elect a captain for your team then tell Xiphos
6) Xiphos will then co-ordinate scrims for the evening, which servers to join, etc
7) Have fun! Be sure to keep coming : D

-Wednesdays 6pm start
-Saturdays 6pm start

We will be using our local servers setup with competitive rules in-line with our tournaments.

Also, if you want to join our STEAM group, just head to : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LANified




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