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New Sponsor: AntLion Audio! Hooray!

Good news everyone!

Today we're proud to announce a new sponsor, AntLion Audio!


AntLion Audio make a very useful product for us gamers, removable microphones for headphones! As they say: "Keep your headphones, add a ModMic".

We, LANified!, feel that the quality of their microphones are so awesome that we just NEEDED to help them spread the word. So how does it work? Well, check out their quite informative video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPFW8Ga2qqU

AntLion Audio have thrown (carefully) multiple "bundles" at us, they each include:

We have added a few of these bundles to prepay-exclusive raffle bonuses, and we will be using the other bundles in our mini-tournaments for prizes.

LANified! is super excited to bring AntLion Audio on-board, and if you're craving a microphone addition to your already tasty headphones, then be sure to check them out! Just click on the banner so they know you came from us :^)




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