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Tournament Rules & Formats - LANified! 26/27/28

Today we are announcing the Main Tournament Rules & Formats for the LANified! 26, 27 & 28 events!

Our CS:GO Rules have seen the most amount of change, and we recommend that you fully review them.

The Rules & Formats used here are designed to produce high quality tournaments, as well as a large amount of minimum games before elimination to each team. These tournaments are designed to be rewarding for players of ALL SKILL LEVELS. We want to foster an environment that is welcoming and worthwhile to everyone, without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, these Rules & Formats are designed such that at maximum capacity, they will still run like clockwork.

To check out the full Rules & Formats for each Main Tournament, just head to the relevant event below:

Our next event, LANified! 26: Back in Flak, is coming up real soon! If you want to come to the event, be sure to pick up your ticket today!




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