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128tick CSGO practice server!

We recently ran a twitter poll asking who would play on a CS:GO 128tick server ( https://twitter.com/LANified/status/960738751319191552 ), and uhh, we saw a rather substantial response!

So... we have it ready now!

  • Address : csgo1.lanified.com

This server is a very high performant server, featuring 128tick, 128 update and cmd rate min and max, backed by ZFS-SSD storage (FAST), is backed up daily, and configured for automatic updates. But wait, there's more! Voting works too!

The server is running configurations very closely to what we run at LANs, as we want this to be a way for people to get some advanced practice in to help them get ready for the LANs.

So what are you waiting for? Come get the best internet pings, the best hit reg, and more! Get on it!




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