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Minecraft reversion

Hey Dudes and Dudettes,

We've been trying to deal with recent Minecraft server issues for the last few weeks. We're sorry that it has been garbage the whole time.

We will be reverting to a known good backup made on Nov 3 2011. I know this will revert a lot of work you folks have done, and we truly are sorry. It is not yet certain if this will resolve the issues we have been seeing but this backup was made when the server was known to be stable by multiple reports.

We do not yet have a conclusive cause of these problems, but we highly suspect people dropping large quantities of experience when dying. We have seen problems around this in the past, so please avoid dealing with experience as much as possible. If you suspect you are bloated with experience, please drop everything in your inventory in the nearest chest and jump into lava. This is no exaggeration, you need to nuke yourself and all the experience on you. It is not yet certain if the experience woes will be resolved in 1.9, but it is highly likely.

We appreciate your patience in this time, and welcome you to rejoin us on our lovely Minecraft server when this junk is resolved.





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