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Tournament Details

Double Elimination 3v3 HoN

In terms of the Heroes of Newerth tournament the mode will be double elimination format.

The internal rule-set used will be Banning Pick. Matches will be paused if players crash or disconnect at any time during a match. A match will only be replayed if massive computer failure occurs within the first 5 minutes or 3 player kills (not counting suicides or deaths to NPCs) (at the discretion of a tournament admin). After 5 minutes or 3 player kills occur, if massive computer failure occurs the match will be paused and a ruling called by a tournament admin.

Stock UI (User Interface) is required. No mods will be allowed.

Textbook definitions of Double Elimination can be found at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-eli ... tournament

Game & Event Details

Heroes of Newerth (Details...)

Arena List:

  1. Forests of Calvadar

LANified! 9: Batter Up (Details...)

Event Summary