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Tournament Details

3 Stage: Round-Robin6/SElim bo3/bo5 finals SFxT

In terms of Street Fighter X Tekken it will be broken down into stages.

Terminology definitions:
A round is defined as gameplay between two characters until one character has 0 health or the timelimit is reached or the game declares the equivalent to one player
A game will consist of a best of 3 rounds
A match will consist of different numbers of games depending on the stage

If you are not present for the beginning of a match you will forfeit the tournament; we will not wait for you, this is why we have a schedule

Stage 1:

When your group is playing their matches there will be no breaks during this stage. There will be a 15 minute break after this stage for all entrants. Please prepare yourself in advance for this.

In this stage a match will consist of 1 game (of a bo3 rounds)

Entrants will be broken down into groups of 6. Only one group will play on the systems at a time, please remember which group you are placed in. Each group of 6 will face off in a round robin format series. The top 2 entrants from each group of 6 will proceed to Stage 2. If the number of entrants in this stage is not divisible by 6 what the entrants will do will be based on how many there are. If there are 3 OR LESS extra entrants the top ranked entrants (based on previous performance) will be swapped into these extra slots and get a buy into Stage 2. If there are 4 OR MORE extra entrants the group will play in a round robin format series, again with the top 2 entrants proceeding to Stage 2.

After all groups have completed their round robin series there will be an approximate 15 minute break before Stage 2 occurs. Stage 2 will be scheduled, please adhere to the scheduled time.

Stage 2:

We will allow maximum 5 minute breaks between matches at the discretion of the two entrants during this stage. Once you start a match breaks are not allowed. If you are not present for the beginning of each match you will forfeit the tournament. Administrators may overrule this if extrenuating circumstances arise.

In this stage a match will consist of a bo3 series of games (of a bo3 rounds)

The remaining entrants will face off in a single-elimination tournament bracket, each match will consist of a best of 3 series of best of 3 series of rounds.

This will continue until we have 2 entrants left, they shall proceed to Stage 3.

Once Stage 2 is complete we will play one bo3 series match for 3rd and 4th place. There will be a 30 minute break after this, unless the finalists waive the break.

Stage 3:

The finalists will face off in a bo5 (Best of 5) series of games.

-All games will be played on Microsoft Xbox 360 systems provided by LANified!
-All players will show professional courtesy to one another
-All rounds will be set to default (99s)
-All games will be set to 3 rounds
-In a Match series consisting of bo3 or more, the winner of a game must keep the same character, the loser of the previous game can change their character
-In a Match series consisting of bo3 or more, players may change their Ultra, but the winner of the previous game must pick their Ultra first
-All Gems are disallowed and will be disabled; players caught using gems will have one warning and if they use gems again they will forfeit the tourhnament
-All players are required to provide their own joystick or gamepad, we will not provide any controllers, we do not allow wireless devices for this tournament due to potential complications

Textbook definitions can be found at:
Round-Robin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round-robin_tournament
Single Elimination: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-eli ... tournament

Game & Event Details

Street Fighter X Tekken (Details...)

Arena List:

  1. NA

LANified! 11: Double Helix (Details...)

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