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Tournament Details

Minecraft: Diamond Dash FFA

In terms of the Minecraft Diamond Dash mini-tournament it will be a FFA tournament open to all those at the event.

Format Details:

  • We will generate a brand new world that nobody has seen previously at the event
  • Once the server is ready, everyone will connect and start immediately
  • First person to mine a diamond and return it to the spawn area to a tournament admin wins
  • Players may join and leave at any time
  • PvP is off
  • Tournament admins will remain at the spawn area

  • All is fair as long as you are not cheating/hacking, you may even sabotage other players as long as it is not game-breaking
  • An activity is considered game-breaking, hacking or cheating if another player cannot do it without a stock client and reasonable human interaction with the game

Game & Event Details

Minecraft (Details...)

Arena List:

  1. TBA

LANified! 14: Phoenix Rising (Details...)

Event Summary