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Tournament Details

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm 1v1 Double Elimination

In terms of the Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm 1v1 tournament it will be double elimination.

Format Details:

  • All matches will be 1v1
  • All matches up to finals will be bo1 (Best of 1)
  • The finals matches will be bo3 (Best of 3), this includes the additional match if lower bracket takes a match from upper bracket
  • Breaks between matches may not exceed 5 minutes, disqualification may occur if a player is late
  • An optional 15 minute break before finals is available to the final contestants.
  • Max 32 entrants


  • Players must be present for the beginning of a match, if you are late you may be disqualified
  • In all matches up to finals both players must agree to the map
  • In the finals, the first map is agreed upon between both entrants; the following maps will be picked by the loser of the previous game, this order resets if the second match occurs
  • In the event of a disconnect the re-connect feature will be used, if it fails we will revert to the below rules
  • If a player disconnects within the first 2 minutes of a match, that match will be restarted on a different map, both players must agree to the new map
  • If a player disconnects a second time during a match within the first 2 minutes of any additional attempts, they will forfeit the current match
  • If a player disconnects 2 minutes or later into the match they will receive a loss. The exception to this is if they have significant advantage, at which point an admin makes a judgement call, potentially resulting in a rematch on a different map
  • All players will show professional courtesy to one another
  • All players should automatically save all replays in-case of dispute (this is a built-in game feature)
  • Cheats/hacks will not be tolerated. Cheating during a tournament will result in your expulsion from the event without refund

Map list:
  • To Be Announced closer to the event

All matches will be performed through Blizzard's Battle.net service

Textbook definitions can be found at:
Double Elimination: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-eli ... tournament

Game & Event Details

Starcraft Series (Details...)

Arena List:

  1. TBA

LANified! 15: Battleplans (Details...)

Event Summary