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Tournament Details

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5v5 Round-Robin

In terms of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5v5 tournament we will be using the following format and ruleset:

Format details:

  • All matches will be 5v5

  • All teams will play in the same round-robin series of matches

  • All matches will be bo1 (Best of 1)

  • All matches will be played on LANified! assigned servers

  • The map for each match will be agreed upon between the two teams from the tournament list. If they cannot agree one will be randomly assigned by a LANified! tournament admin.

  • If your team needs a break notify a LANified! tournament admin. Breaks may not exceed 10 minutes. If your team is not ready in time your team may face disqualification from the tournament.

  • At the end of the round-robin series if there is a tie for 1st or 2nd place an additional match between the tied teams will be played to conclude the placement.

  • Maximum 10 entrant teams

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive centric rules:
  • Round time limit - 1:45 (1 minute 45 seconds)

  • Freeze time limit - 0:15 (15 seconds)

  • Starting money - $800

  • A virtual coin-toss will occur to determine who gets to pick starting sides in each match

  • Matches of 30 rounds, teams switch sides after 15 rounds

  • First team to reach 16 team points wins

  • Ties will be reported as ties, there will be no tie-breaking during the round-robin series (except for 1st/2nd placement ties)

General rules:
  • Teams consist of 5 players, no bots

  • Ringers are not allowed

  • Rosters cannot change once the tournament starts

  • 3rd party textures/models/sounds are not allowed

  • If a team is considered to be a poor sport they will be disqualified from the tournament by a LANified! tournament admin at their discretion.

  • 3rd party software is not allowed, this includes utility software.

  • A match may be paused to deal with computer or other issues. If a team has player/computer problems for longer than 5 minutes they will forfeit the match.

  • Cheating in a tournament will result in immediate expulsion of the team from the event without refund.

  • de_dust2

  • de_inferno

  • de_mirage

  • de_nuke

  • de_train

Game & Event Details

Counter-Strike Series (Details...)

Arena List:

  1. TBA

LANified! 16: Reloaded (Details...)

Event Summary