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Tournament Details

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 10-Player Arms Race FFA mini-tournament

In terms of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mini-tournament, it will be a 10-Player Arms Race Free-For-All (FFA) tournament.

Format Details:

  • We will take the first 10 ready players
  • The first player to complete weapon ascension wins
  • The match will not start until all players are ready

  • No teams or alliances are allowed to be formed beyond what the game forces
  • If a player disconnects for whatever reason, they may reconnect. Players cannot be replaced with other players who did not enter the tournament.
  • All players will show professional courtesy to one another
  • Cheats/hacks will not be tolerated. Cheating during a tournament will result in your expulsion from the event without refund.

The map will be chosen at the discretion of the Tournament Administrator.

The match will be hosted locally on LANified! services.

Game & Event Details

Counter-Strike Series (Details...)

Arena List:

  1. TBA

LANified! 16: Reloaded (Details...)

Event Summary